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“Involved in a criminal organization” – breaking latest news

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“Involved in a criminal organization” – breaking latest news
Of Salvatore Riggio

The ex-president must answer to the charge of money laundering. On 21 March he resigned, leaving the company to his son Romain

The former president of Angers, bottom-of-the-table club in Ligue 1 (only two victories in 29 games), Said Chabane, been arrested for money laundering within a criminal organization and unlawful exercise of the profession of sports agent. The former number one, currently in pre-trial detention, had resigned a few days ago, on March 21, leaving the company to his son Romain. On April 4, for him, he ended up in handcuffs, after an investigation that began about a year ago, in June 2022, while in 2020 he was accused of aggravated sexual assault.

Not only: on 8 March the Angers coach, Abdelaziz Bouhazama, had resigned due to some sexist remarks. In fact, he justified the presence of full-back Chetti (accused of harassment) with these words: There’s nothing wrong with that, we’ve all touched women. To then say: I also say that what he did is not good. Angers had taken a position on the matter: For transparency, it is specified that the resignation had been imagined by Bouhazama for several days and that the decision had already been thought of since the end of February after various sporting mishaps. To remove any ambiguity and misunderstanding, Angers unreservedly condemns the words spoken. Furthermore, the club does not accept any form of discrimination and condemns sexism and misogyny.

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