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Ioance, no Sarzi flaws, quality in midfield

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Ioance, no Sarzi flaws, quality in midfield

8 CINCILLA Unbeatable for 97 ‘. A gate between the posts of Pavia and also for teammates. One of the added values ​​of mister Tassi’s Pavia.

6 FERRONI He struggles a little on the right wing but manages to limit the damage.

6,5 KNIGHTS On the field for 20 ‘, but important in the final defense of 0-1.

7,5 IOANCE Another practically perfect performance of the former Sancolombano defender. He doesn’t give up until the end.

7 cook In closing, he too leaves no room for Personè and his companions.

7 ADMIRED Play from 1 ‘and never save. Good debut as a starter.

6,5 MAIONE Less protagonist of the other races, but still amply sufficient.

7,5 SARZI For an hour on the pitch to suggest conclusions for the forwards. In midfield the quality of him is felt and is the metronome of the blue game.

6,5 .Lauraceae Half an hour of work in the moment of containment of the Pavia. He too, however, more than enough.

7 GIANTS He touches as many balls as ever and never backs down. Good.

6,5 CALVI He hits a post that could have closed the game early for Pavia. Well he too even if in alternating phases.

6.5 GARCIA He works a lot for the team and relies on his experience. He can certainly grow but he is at the first outings of the season after the long pre-season stop due to injury.

7 PRINCIPE Score the match goal and this already affects a lot in his evaluation. He misses the double but always works hard as long as he stays on the pitch.

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7 RADAELLI Arrived from Fanfulla and now in the blue squad with his brother Lapo, he works hard for the team to defend the ball. Good debut for Brando.

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