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Irving again calls for the removal of vaccine restrictions Nash: Now the Nets are united – yqqlm

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Irving again calls for the removal of vaccine restrictions Nash: Now the Nets are united – yqqlm

Original title: Irving again calls for lifting vaccine restrictions Nash: Now the Nets are united

On February 27, Beijing time, the 2021-22 NBA regular season continued, and the Brooklyn Nets played away to the Milwaukee Bucks. After the whole game, the Nets beat the Bucks 126-123, stopping the two-game losing streak.

In this game, the Nets can win the defending championship and at the same time win on the road, so the whole team is very exciting, coach Steve Nash said, “We have had a difficult few weeks, but recently, I have It was asked to stick together, and they did. If we can get through this time, the rewards will come later.”

Kevin Durant, who was with the team, also witnessed the team’s victory on the bench. After the game, KD said excitedly, “This is a victory for the Brooklyn Nets (team).”

As for Durant’s injury situation, Nash also revealed that KD may still be unable to appear in the next two battles.

Nash also praised Irving’s performance. In this campaign, Irving scored 38 points, setting a new personal high in a single game of the season. In this regard, the old Na said, “His performance is simply fantastic… A lot of goals are unbelievable. , he is an important force on the offensive end of the team.”

As for Owen himself, he is still calling for New York City to lift the current vaccine restrictions so that he can play home games. “I very much hope that New York will lift the vaccine restrictions… When we all return, we will be great.”

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“After the All-Star Game, we came together as a team. We also wrote some goals on the board as daily reminders… The season hasn’t been ideal, but it’s nice to have things settled down, Hope is in front of me. I want to be able to play back at Barclays Center,” Irving added.

On the Bucks side, the second-in-command, Middleton, reflected on the loss, “I think if I had the answer, this wouldn’t have happened. I mean, the Nets scored 43 points in the third quarter, That number is too much for any quarter. There are too many situations like this in the third quarter for the team, and we have to find a way to solve it.” (Poirot)Return to Sohu, see more


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