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is being investigated by the FBI

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is being investigated by the FBI

Former big league player Hensley Meulens, who was recently named as the new coach of Leones de Caracas, has found himself in hot water after an incident on a team charter flight. The ex-player, now coach, caused the Colorado Rockies to come under FBI investigation after he was found to have improperly entered the cabin of the flight.

United Airlines, who operates the charter flight, raised concerns about the breach of protocol and potential threats to flight safety. Images showed Meulens in the cockpit, even sitting in the pilot’s seat in a playful manner. The incident occurred during cruising altitude with autopilot engaged, which only amplified the risks involved.

As a result of this reckless behavior, the pilots involved were suspended pending further investigations. Both the team and the airline are now facing repercussions for the incident, raising questions about the discipline and professionalism within the Colorado Rockies organization during a challenging time in sports.

The incident has sparked legal complications for both parties involved, highlighting the need for strict adherence to safety protocols and regulations in the world of professional sports. More updates on this developing story can be found on lapatilla.com and Meridian Web.

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