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Is Instagram Bad for Teens? Facebook internal search – Magazine

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After unveiling that nearly six million users on Facebook can bypass the rules of the social network, the Wall Street Journal has just posted another investigation which concerns the companies of Zuckerberg and which is already causing a real earthquake Network. According to the American newspaper, in fact, there is an internal search for Facebook which would reveal that Instagram, the other social network owned by the Californian company, worsens the perception that one in three teenagers have their own body and that for many others it sharing platform it generates distress and an increase in depressive tendencies.

The WSJ investigation
“32% of the girls teenagers claimed that when they felt bad for their body, Instagram made them feel worse. “The statement, quoted by the Wall Street Journal, refers to an internal investigation into Facebook, dating back to 2019 and quoted by Mark Zuckerberg in person during a presentation made in the presence of other executives of the American company. One in three teenagers – according to what can be read in the report unveiled by WSJ – develops disturbances of perception of his own body; other guys are convinced that Instagram and post that can be found on the platform contribute to worsen their mood by generating anxiety, distress and depression.

Facebook’s response
After the publication of the investigation on the WSJ, Karina Newton, head of public policy at Instagram, was quick to comment with a official post that “the company is looking for ways to divert users from certain types of posts and content and we are cautiously optimistic – writes Newton – that these suggestions they will help direct people to contents that raise more and will shift the attention so far focused on the appearance of people “.

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