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Isola dei Famosi 2022: Ilary Blasi’s quarrels, loves and gaffes. What happened

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Isola dei Famosi 2022: Ilary Blasi’s quarrels, loves and gaffes.  What happened

Rome, 19 May 2022 – Between the gaffes and the falls live by Ilary Blasi he love and the quarrels of the castawaysl’Island of the Famous 2022 crosses the finish line of two months. The sixteenth edition of the reality show Channel 5 – conducted by the wife of Francesco Totti, flanked by the opinionistsi Vladimir Luxury e Nicola Savinowhile Alvin he is the correspondent – this is one of the latest editions more exciting so much so that it will go on until June 27 (in total 99 days and will be the longest edition). Between eliminations and new arrivals, in fact, the beaches ofHonduras I’m in full swing.

At the moment there are Carmen di Pietro and the son Alessandrothe rapper Blindla showgirl Guendalina Tavassi and brother Edwardthe models Stephanie Bernal e Fabrizia Santarellithe actress Lycia Nunez, Lory Del Santo and boyfriend cuckoo framethe fresh winner of ‘La pupa e il secchione’ Maria Laura De Vitis (known to have been the girlfriend of Paolo Brosio), Mercedes Cylinder, Nick Luciani de I Cugini di Campagna, the actor Nicolas Vaporitismodel Roger Balduino.

In episode number 17 (broadcast on Monday 16 May), the model arrived Gennaro Auletto and the former swimmer Luca Daffre – already renamed the ‘Guapissimi’ -, the conductor Marco Maccarini and the ex girlfriend of ‘Non è la Rai’ Pamela Petrarolonicknamed the ‘Pieces of 90’.

At the moment i leader I am Alessandro e Maria Laura. Between the two it seems there is also a certain sympathy, hindered by the super jealous mother Carmen di Pietro. But in the last few hours the two have drifted apart. Or rather, Alessandro took a step back. During the last night in the exclusive studio flat (gift for the two ‘lovebirds’) the boy held back the Pupa: “The spark did not go off“. The son of art, with the sincerity that distinguishes him, admitted that” he would prefer to maintain a simple friendship, at least for the moment. “The Pupa, however, did not take it well and burst into tears: she is afraid of never being able to find true love. The one who rejoiced in all this is mother Carmen who thundered: “For the umpteenth time my mother was right, I saw a lot in this story before anyone else.”

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For a couple that breaks out, another is formed (perhaps). Mercedes Cylinderin fact, he seems to have forgotten Guendalina’s brother and spotted one of the new castaways, Luca Daffrè: between the two there seems to be a particular harmony (also noted by Tavassi himself).

As for the dynamics of the game, Mercedesz Henger and Nicolas Vaporidis are at risk of elimination: who of them will have to leave the Palapa (and go up Playa Sgamada where at the moment there are Licia and Fabrizia who took a bath in topless) ?. The answer Friday 20 May during the 18th episode of the Island (early evening on Canale 5).

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