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Israel–Hamas war. Stalemate over hostage agreement, Hamas: ‘Netanyahu procrastinates’. LIVE

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Creating a “United Nations protectorate” in Gaza after the war ends is not a solution, United Nations chief Antonio Guterres said, calling for a “transition” involving a range of actors, including the United States and countries Arabs. “It is important that we can turn this tragedy into an opportunity, and for this to be possible, it is essential that after the war we unite firmly and irreversibly for a two-state solution,” Guterres told reporters. This includes “strengthening the Palestinian Authority, taking responsibility in Gaza,” he said. But given the inability of the Palestinian Authority to travel to Gaza due to the presence of “Israeli tanks”, “the international community must consider a transition period”. “I don’t think that a United Nations protectorate in Gaza is a solution. I think we will need a multi-stakeholder approach in which different countries cooperate”, such as the United States, “guarantors” of Israel’s security, and the

of the region, “essential” for the Palestinians. “The whole world must come together to create the conditions for a transition, allowing a strengthened Palestinian Authority to take responsibility in Gaza.”

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