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“It is essential to reimburse adapted and therapeutic physical activity”

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“It is essential to reimburse adapted and therapeutic physical activity”

Less than 305 days before the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games and with physical activity promoted as a major national cause for the coming year, France is entering a historic stage for the promotion and development of sport-health and adapted physical activity (APA) and therapeutic.

In order to respond to this meeting, it appears essential to include without delay the reimbursement of therapeutic APA programs, accessible to French people suffering from a chronic pathology, in the next social security financing bill ( PLFSS) which will be debated from October 2023. This measure would allow thousands of people to better fight the disease and improve both their chances of remission and their quality of life.

There is widespread consensus around the health benefits of physical activity. It is expressed in particular through the law of January 26, 2016 known as “sport on prescription”, which allows the prescription of physical activity by a doctor. Other laws such as the Post-Cancer Package or the labeling of sportshealth centers jointly carried out by the ministries of sports and health have since supplemented it.

The many risks of a sedentary lifestyle and physical inactivity

However, health sport remains a policy and not a model of care for patients. This policy covers the full scope of an individual’s life, ranging from primary prevention (avoidance of the onset of a disease) to tertiary prevention (avoidance of the complication of a chronic disease) in going through the care phase during an illness.

For several years, many doctors and scientists have been warning about the risks of a sedentary lifestyle and physical inactivity, highlighting the high percentage of diseases that can be avoided by getting the body moving. This project, notably supported by the Pour une France en forme collective, aims to make the advent of the Olympic Games an opportunity to raise awareness of this particular aspect of sport-health.

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But this great celebration of physical activity which is coming can also be an opportunity to change the healthcare system, by offering a complementary care offer to usual care, to promote the effectiveness of allopathic treatments.

Institutional awareness

This is a proposal made for a long time by the France Sport-Santé collective and it is also the approach launched in 2017 by the National Health Insurance Fund (CNAM), through the establishment of “article 51”, the objective of which is to experiment with innovative care for patients, in order to evaluate their integration and efficiency in the traditional care pathway and to transfer them to common law, by activating a mechanism reimbursement.

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