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It is increasingly a Lovisa-powered Pordenone

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It is increasingly a Lovisa-powered Pordenone

The neroverde club even more on the shoulders of father and son after the farewells of the general manager Migliorini and of the sports director Berrettoni

PORDENONE. Emblematic is the image with the president Mauro Lovisa and his son Matteo, manager of the technical area, alongside the new coach, Domenico Di Carlo, on the occasion of the presentation of the first stone of the hoped-for season of redemption.

It is not the first time, it will be said, that father and son take on, or rather share, the scene.

Of course, but this time, and even more so after the latest releases at the company level, it seems that the Pordenone of the future will rest more and more on the broad shoulders of the Lovisa family.

The patron neroverde has taken all the responsibilities, probably not his own, for the unfortunate past season.
However, remembering that where he managed, together with his staff and the other club members, or to bring Pordenone to Serie B, many in the past, even with more important economic means, had tried without success. And now it will always be up to him to lead the rebirth, starting from the C series.

Maybe waiting for news to arrive on foreign consortiums that only a few weeks ago were on the verge of investing in the neroverde club. Attracted by the sound management of the company so far, by the goodness of a constantly expanding nursery, whose model, also thanks to the arrival of the international manager Simone Quintieri, could cross national borders, and, above all, from the perspective of a new stadium.

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The construction site of which remains virtual for now. But of whose necessity, not to say urgency, everyone is now aware: institutions and individuals. Regardless of the adaptation of Fontanafredda’s Tognon.
After the painful decision of the general manager Giancarlo Migliorini to leave the neroverde project for personal reasons, Pordenone loses a reference figure also for the stadium issue.

And the president Lovisa a collaborator of absolute trust, remaining more “alone”.

The same fate awaits his son Matteo, who from the upcoming season, officially kicks off on July 1st, will not benefit from the collaboration of ds Emanuele Berrettoni, whose contract will not be renewed. In this case there are no personal reasons at the base, but probably the physiological closure of a cycle. Which often affects executives as well as players.

The fact is that Matteo Lovisa’s responsibilities will increase. But he too, like his father, never shied away from it. Admitting, precisely on the occasion of the vernissage for Di Carlo, that this year the margin of error in the purchasing campaign will have to be reduced.
Destiny wants that right in the season in which father and brother seem destined to take the Neroverdi fate even more to heart, the third pillar of the Lovisa family, Alessandro, will leave the lizards.

The promising midfielder (born in 2001) who made his debut (and also scored) in Serie B under the guidance of the now former black-green coach Bruno Tedino, will in fact return to Fiorentina, with whom he still has a contract of one year. Ready to go again, destination B series.

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