Home Sports It is revealed that Jeremy Lin has participated in the confrontation training last week, the Beijing team specially hired a famous doctor to treat his waist injury

It is revealed that Jeremy Lin has participated in the confrontation training last week, the Beijing team specially hired a famous doctor to treat his waist injury

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Original title: It was revealed that Jeremy Lin had participated in the confrontation training last week and the Beijing team specially appointed a famous doctor to treat his waist injury

The Beijing Shougang team, which has finished the first stage of the campaign, returned to Beijing from Zhuji on Monday. According to the team’s arrangement, the old players can have a week of vacation, and the young players will start training after two days of adjustment. The guard foreign aid Jeremy Lin only gave himself one day off. After that, he started a training program, conducted technical training with young player Yang Ali, imparted his own experience, and started to fight against Shougang reserve team members. He is racing against time, hoping to improve his physical fitness and state faster.

Although Jeremy Lin joined the team in the first stage, he still failed to represent the team. The reason Jeremy Lin is absent is that he has not yet recovered to a better state. Jeremy Lin had lost significant weight during the treatment and recovery of the new crown virus, which affected his ability to fight and strength. At the same time, Jeremy Lin also experienced appendicitis when he was in the competition. These all affected his physical condition and competitive level.

After returning to Beijing from the competition area with the team, Jeremy Lin obviously did not plan to take a long vacation for himself. He only took a rest and adjustment for a day before starting his own targeted training. Jeremy Lin had more than an hour of technical and shooting training with young defender Yang Ali last Wednesday.

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Yang Ali said: “In this training, in addition to giving me technical guidance, Brother Hao also told me a lot of his experience and gave me a lot of advice. He told me, no matter what. Believe in yourself, don’t have any doubts, stay focused, and maintain a steady state of mind. Brother Hao gave me his own example. For example, when he was mad in Lin, he was about to be cut from the previous state, and after a few days He played a very crazy performance. At the same time, he also mentioned that when he played for the Nets, it was actually a very good stage of his career, but maybe because of an injury after a take-off and landing, this state was suddenly brought to a sudden. So, he told me, no matter what you experience, don’t doubt yourself and maintain self-confidence. No matter what the outside world says to you, what kind of pressure it puts on you, be yourself, stay focused, and more importantly, stay well. Mentality.” Yang Ali revealed the situation at the time to a reporter from Beijing Youth Daily.

Last Thursday, Jeremy Lin played confrontational training with the reserve team of the Shougang team. He hoped that during the seven-day holiday, he could gradually increase the proportion of confrontational training so that his physical condition could gradually return to a better one. s level. In fact, Jeremy Lin had already conducted a small amount of confrontational training with his teammates in the first stage, but he needs to go through more confrontational training and look at his own body if he wants to achieve the physical state of the game. What’s the reaction, and Jeremy Lin is clearly racing against time.

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In addition, the good news for Jeremy Lin is that his waist injury is gradually recovering. Jeremy Lin had a recurrence of an old waist injury, and he needed five to six hours a day for relaxation and massage. But as time increased, his waist condition gradually improved.

Master Luo, a famous Chinese Taipei doctor who has been giving him physical treatment, has also recently lifted his quarantine. He will escort Jeremy Lin and the main players of the Shougang team in the next period of time.

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