Home Sports It is revealed that the Qingdao team suffered marital changes due to three players who owed salaries or follow Guizhou to jointly seek salaries.

It is revealed that the Qingdao team suffered marital changes due to three players who owed salaries or follow Guizhou to jointly seek salaries.

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Original title: It was revealed that the Qingdao team suffered a marriage change due to three players who owed wages or followed the example of Guizhou to jointly seek salary

Reporter Cheng Shan reports The Chinese football arena has been a bit lively recently, and “groups” openly seek salaries in the form of joint names. This kind of scene is rare in recent years. The Hebei team has always been at the forefront of the salary-seeking army, and all kinds of negative news continue; the Chongqing team will burst out from time to time that it cannot continue to persist and it is difficult to enter the competition area. The living environment of the Chinese Super League has deteriorated. Most of the 16 clubs have financial problems. There are not many who do not owe wages, but they have different reactions. The silent majority of clubs and players do not mean that they have not encountered problems, but that they may be taking other ways to solve them, or they may be waiting for the right opportunity and the right way to “voice”.

For example, Qingdao Club, the recent situation is not too ideal. It is reported that the players of the Qingdao team are currently a little excited. They have their own ideas about whether the second stage of the league will start in December. They also have their own ideas, but they all know the seriousness of the temporary abandonment, which is equivalent to directly declaring the club permanently. Lost the qualifications of the Super League, if you continue to play all the games, you will never get paid, and the players are not reconciled. Therefore, many players are currently in a tangled and repetitive mood. On the one hand, they are looking forward to making money, and on the other hand, they feel hopeless to make money. They are at a loss for the future and even want to give up. The atmosphere in the Qingdao team is a bit subtle now, and investors, clubs, and players need to communicate and negotiate with each other.If the communication is good, there may be no problems, but if the negotiation situation is not ideal, there may be players who use the same way as the Guizhou team and the Chongqing team to jointly call for salaries. It is reported that due to the relatively large impact on income, three players have suffered marital changes this year.

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The current salary distribution situation of the Qingdao team is like this. Most of the players received the salary of January and February. After February, there is basically no salary. Only a few small players have paid a little salary in the near future because they are already paid. Their survival pressure is extremely low, and the coach and most of the main players are in a situation where they live on their previous savings. The team experienced mood swings before entering the competition zone for the first time. At that time, the coaching staff did a lot of work, hoping that the players would understand and trust investors more. This solved the problem of the first stage of the competition.

The investor once held a meeting for the team to tell everyone about the current difficulties encountered in business operations, and promised to find a way to solve the salary problem as soon as possible, but seeing that it is almost the end of the year, there is no movement at all, which inevitably makes the players feel emotional. Many players are worried that their money will not be returned. Although this sentiment has not affected the normal training of the team for the time being, the quality of training will definitely be affected more or less.

Since the Qingdao team arrived in Shanghai on November 3, they have been using Shenhua’s Kangqiao base for training. After the training on the 19th, the team has a holiday again. How things develop next depends on the results of the communication between the club management and the players.

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The share reform is a major trend for the Super League, and the Qingdao team is also among them. However, Qingdao is not the first batch of key stock reform cities, so many players worry that when it is the team’s turn to complete the relevant changes, the original investor may have left for some reason, or no other company is willing to take over a result. There are not too many big-name teams that are outstanding and Suning can say that if there is none, then there is a theoretical risk of disappearing at any time for any other club.

The current situation of the Qingdao team is very difficult. In the first stage of the 14 games, it only scored 7 points, 2 wins, 1 draw and 11 losses. Due to the goal difference, it fell behind the Dalian team with the same 7 points and was the last in the Super League. One, many people think that after the end of the Chinese Super League season, Qingdao team will be in the bottom two in the overall rankings, and they need to have a final relegation PK with the Chinese A team.

The Qingdao team is also paying close attention to the results of some publicly asking for salary as a reference for the next step. As far as the current situation is concerned, the local governments have not changed the way in which the share reform work is promoted because of the club’s joint call for salaries. Because of the epidemic, there are too many problems to be solved. The mood of the players can definitely be understood. It is not easy to have a Chinese Super League team in Qingdao. If you don’t cherish it, it is really easy to be demoted again.

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