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It is worth looking forward to!Shenhua 00’s new star in 6 days and 3 goals will be the team’s future sword

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Original title: It is worth looking forward to!Shenhua 00’s new star in 6 days and 3 goals will be the team’s future sword

In the last match of the relegation group, Shanghai Shenhua defeated Henan Songshan Longmen 3-0 and took revenge at the end of the season. In this game, Wang Haijian, born in 2000, became the biggest contributor to Shanghai Shenhua’s victory. He came off the bench and scored twice. It was also his most glorious moment in the Super League.

In the game, neither side sent all the main players to play. The contest between the two undesirable teams made the first half of the game a little dull. Chen Pu hit the center post from the right and Yang Xu shot. It has become one of the few bright spots. In the 54th minute of the second half of the game, Wang Haijian came off the bench to replace his big brother Qin Sheng. Since then, Shanghai Shenhua has become more active on the offensive end. Just 5 minutes after his debut, Wang Haijian created a good opportunity for the team to score. Wang Haijian’s left heel knocked the ball behind him in the penalty area, and Yu Hanchao got the ball and knocked on the right side. Unfortunately, Wu Xi’s close-range push was missed. . But Wang Haijian’s good show is still to come. In the 70th minute, Shenhua broke the deadlock, Feng Xiaoting picked a pass from the outside to hit the defense line, and then hit the left side of the Han Chao penalty area. The following Wen Jiabao volleyed the ball and Wang Guoming fell to the ground. Out, Wang Haijian followed up and scored. This goal shows Wang Haijian’s excellent ability to catch two points in front of goal. This is also the second goal after scoring the first goal of the Super League in the game against the Cangzhou Lions. He looked very excited.

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In the 87th minute, Sun Shilin made a pass from the left side of the midfielder to hit the defensive line. Wang Haijian inserted the left side of the penalty area and shot the goal, helping Shanghai Shenhua to seal the victory 3-0. In an interview after the game, Wang Haijian said: “I was very excited. First, I didn’t expect to be able to score two. The first is a fill-in shot and the second is a reverse shot. Thank you Sun Shilin. He gave a very good pass. I took advantage of the situation. In general, I had better luck today. First of all, I would like to thank the club and Mao Yijun’s guidance for giving me so many practical opportunities. I feel that I have been playing more and more steadily, and there may be tensions and mistakes at the beginning, but the mentality later. And self-confidence has also improved, and overall practical experience has been greatly improved.” This is the first score of his career. Although the outcome of this game is not important, he can have a bright spot in the game. The performance of the eyes is still what every player wants to show on the court, and Wang Haijian’s performance today is enough to bring him full confidence.

It is worth mentioning that Wang Haijian’s mentor, born in August 2000, is under the guidance of Xu Genbao. A group of players trained under Xu Genbao’s guidance have now become the absolute main force of the country or the club, including the well-known Wu Lei, Zhang Linpeng, Lu Wenjun and others. . I believe that Wang Haijian will also give people a surprise. What he needs now is time and opportunity.

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