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“It wasn’t just my luck I studied how to take penalties”

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Damiano Barattin is the great protagonist of the Auronzano afternoon of Fiori Barp. The goalkeeper saved a penalty from Caicedo in the 14th minute, making this match even more unforgettable.

“I fully enjoyed these 45 ‘in which I played”, declared the Belluno goalkeeper at the end of the match, “to be on the pitch against these players is an honor, you usually see them on television, there are no words to describe. what does it mean to challenge them in a match, even if it’s just a friendly match without value ».

And on the penalty saved it is certain: it was not luck.

«I have to be honest», Barattin says, «I went to see the penalty that Caicedo had thrown against the representative of Radio Club 103. I hoped he would shoot it in the same way and I threw myself in that direction. We must also specify that he was not kicked very well, it was parable, I took this moment of glory ».

The Fiori Barp starts from today, with a new group, to prepare for the next season which will most likely see the team fished out in Promotion.

«We expect a season that promises to be challenging», comments Barattin, «we will begin to work hard, to get to know each other better and to include the newcomers in the group. I saw that there is good potential, we have quality players to whom the young players will be amalgamated ».

Thus, despite the result, a great day of football that will remain in the history of Fiori Barp goes to archive. At the end of the game, the photos with Maurizio Sarri, the top players and the protagonists of Lazio, luxury opponents for a day, are not to be missed. –

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