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It will dress up a city once done well!National Games help Xi’an high-quality development | National Games | Xi’an-Xi’an News_China Business News

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[摘要]Below the pagoda mountain, ushered in the torch of the National Games. Passing through 13 cities (districts) in Shaanxi, the torch will be ignited in the Xi’an Olympic Sports Center Stadium on September 15. Xi’an, the ancient capital, is about to usher in the 14th National Games.

Olympic Sports Center Main Stadium

People’s Daily reporter Wang Lewen Yuan Tao Xiong

The autumn breeze gives birth to the Wei River, and Chang’an is splendid, and the grand event attracts the attention of the whole country.

Below the pagoda mountain, ushered in the torch of the National Games. Passing through 13 cities (districts) in Shaanxi, the torch will be ignited in the Xi’an Olympic Sports Center Stadium on September 15. Xi’an, the ancient capital, is about to usher in the 14th National Games.

4 years of meticulous planning, stunning appearance of modern sports venues, multiple lines of new subway lines, happy forest belt and “three rivers and one mountain” ring green road completed and opened, and a 15-minute fitness circle has basically formed…

A National Games, a city grows.

  Science and technology model of new landmark venues in the ancient capital

Looking down on the shore of Bashui, the giant pomegranate flower stretches and blooms, and when you look closer, the silk ribbon is soft and elegant. Xi’an Olympic Sports Center, the venue for the 14th National Games, has become a new landmark in the ancient capital.

“It’s amazing! The game can still be watched like this. I want to see where I want to, and I don’t miss every detail.” The visitor Liu Ning repeatedly admired. Multiple high-definition video cameras installed in the Xi’an Olympic Sports Center Stadium can shoot from multiple angles and in all directions, realizing ultra-high-definition multi-frequency broadcasting. Whether it is the competition area or the coaching stand, spectators can realize 360-degree viewing without blind spots through VR.

The main stadium of the Xi’an Olympic Sports Center has a “smart brain”. Design and install six intelligent systems and 63 subsystems, integrating sports competitions, game viewing experience, media broadcasting, full service, and smart security. “This is the first domestic stadium with full coverage of 5G technology. We have built a unified big data platform to achieve visual management of fire protection, electricity, energy consumption, etc.,” said Jia Xiaogang, the person in charge of the project.

“I think this hall is world-class!” World diving champion Xie Siquan praised sincerely after the experience. The swimming and diving hall of Xi’an Olympic Sports Center uses solar photovoltaic power generation on the roof, waste heat recovery from the “gas hot water boiler” on the basement floor, and the use of air source heat pumps in the hall to increase the utilization rate. use.

Those who are interested will find that there are many small holes around the ground of the Xi’an Olympic Sports Center Gymnasium. They are the outlets of the ice-making pipeline. The ice-making work of the 1800 square meters rink can be completed in only 48 hours, realizing the rapid conversion of the basketball court and the ice rink.

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Shaanxi speed and Chinese power are behind the construction and operation of high-tech and high-standard competition venues.

It took 964 days and completed the construction of the main structure of 150,000 square meters in 4 months, and the hoisting of 1.02 million tons of steel structure in 3 months. The construction was completed and passed the acceptance on schedule, which was nearly 30% higher than similar stadium construction efficiency. The plastic track materials of the main stadium were transported from Europe to Xi’an on the Chang’an freight train.

This year, the last Beidou 3 satellite for global networking was in place, and the Beidou navigation satellite system officially escorted the Smart Olympics for the 14th National Games.

This competition will also realize the “Zero Carbon National Transport”. 41 new energy power generation companies in Shaanxi province reached a “green power” deal with 59 venues for competitions, with a transaction volume of 138 million kWh, which is expected to reduce coal burning by 69,000 tons and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 111.7 thousand tons, and all venues will be 100% Use the clean “green electricity” in northern Shaanxi.

It is understood that this National Games will dedicate more than 300 high-level event broadcasts to the audience in a month, and 1/3 of the hot events will use 4K format to produce public signals. This is also the first major domestic large-scale comprehensive sports meeting. The scale provides 4K public signals.

  Once done well, it will dress up a city

“Hurry up and take a few photos to send to Moments!” The sun is shining and the greenery is lush, 62-year-old Li Yunke is walking in the happiness forest belt, and the shutter sound keeps on. She said, “I have lived in this neighborhood for half my life, and years of’old chaos’ have become’new pure beauty’, how can I not be excited!”

In July of this year, the happy forest belt, known as the “Project of the Century”, became a good place for citizens to relax and entertain as soon as it appeared. The happiness forest belt is 5.85 kilometers long, covers an area of ​​1134 mu, planted more than 50,000 trees, and has a green coverage rate of over 85%. It not only becomes a green lung of Xi’an, but also carries mass fitness, underground commerce, subway supporting facilities, and municipal administration. Various functions such as roads.

Open the window to see the green, go out and enter the park, the ecological background is constantly polished. The 293-kilometer “three rivers and one mountain” greenway connects 10 districts (counties) in the city, with a total green area of ​​9.33 million square meters. There are more than 1,100 “pocket parks” and green squares around the masses.

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A grand event is an “examination” for a city, and press the “fast forward button” for the development of the city. “Leave only classics without regrets, and take the 14th National Games as an opportunity to speed up the construction of the national central city.” said Wang Hao, member of the Standing Committee of the Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Xi’an Municipal Party Committee.

Accelerated transformation of urban transportation construction: Xi’an Metro opened to traffic with a total operating mileage of 259 kilometers, completed 17 expressways and 11 large interchanges, opened 59 broken roads, and completed 599 back streets and alleys.

“In the past, you had to stop three or four times at work, but now you don’t have to stop once.” Citizen Liu Ye has to pass Weiyang Road every day to go to work, feeling that the green light is much more obvious. This is the credit of the “green wave belt”. The newly built “Xi’an Traffic Police Big Data + Signal Intelligent Tuning System” can control more than 1,300 signal lights in the city and make urban road traffic efficiency through the regulation of 114 “green wave belts”. An increase of 23%.

The people’s livelihood project takes into account both “face” and “lizi”. Xi’an continued to promote the “three reforms, one connection and one landing”, renovating 1,861 old communities, benefiting 280,000 households, demolishing 1,952 illegally built sites, and landing overhead cables of 1053.7 kilometers.

“Today I rode an extra 3 kilometers.” Zhang Qian got off the exercise bike and scanned the QR code to display various sports data, screenshots, and Moments, all in one go. Since the addition of smart fitness equipment to the Daming Palace National Heritage Park, she has come to “check in” from time to time.

The 14th National Games brought about “fitness fever”. Xi’an is making every effort to build a “15-minute fitness circle”, adding and upgrading fitness facilities in communities, squares and pocket parks. “We will hold no less than 400 community fitness activities in the city this year, and train no less than 1,000 social sports instructors throughout the year. Create a good atmosphere of competitions every month, activities every week, and fitness everywhere.” Xi’an Said Shao Fang, deputy director of the Municipal Sports Bureau.

  All the people welcome the National Luck and devote you, me and him

“Look, how cute!” The taxi driver Li Bo wiped the car hard. Not long ago, his car had just changed into a new outfit and printed with the National Games mascot “Qinling Four Treasures”.

This year is his 20th year of renting. In order to welcome visitors from all directions, he not only prepared pumping paper and mineral water on the back of the back seat, but also bought several sets of terracotta warriors and horses souvenirs for foreign passengers. “Taxis are often tourists’ first impressions of the city. These days, I am learning Xi’an’s scenic spots and cultural history. I will introduce our passengers to Xi’an. I hope they can all make good memories in Xi’an!” Li Bo said.

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To welcome the National Games, strugglers from all walks of life paid silently. The National Games “countdown by pinch”, Xi’an Olympic Sports Center is a busy scene. “Welcome to you!” The friendly smile of volunteer “Little Qin Bao” Han Yifei warms people, “I hope that the guests will feel the courtesy and enthusiasm of Xi’an people.”

Learning physical etiquette is only the first step. The management of venues and equipment, coordination of venue scheduling, and emergency response are all the responsibilities of the “little Qinbao”. A total of more than 4,200 “Xiao Qinbao” provided services for the Xi’an Division of the Fourteenth National Games.

Why do you go on weekends? Go for public welfare! In Xi’an, the public welfare services provided by 116,000 social volunteers with the public as the main body penetrate all corners of the society. To welcome the Fourteenth National Games, the Civilization Office of the Xi’an Municipal Party Committee launched the “Where to Go on Weekends · Doing Public Welfare Together” voluntary service for all people, focusing on the creation of civilization, health, urban governance, helping the disabled and the elderly, and planning and organizing a characteristic normalization Social volunteer service projects. The city has now carried out more than 2,300 “weekend public welfare” activities, and more than 600,000 volunteers participated.

All the people move forward with one heart. On the eve of the opening ceremony, the performances of the mass events of the 14th National Games have been enthusiastically carried out. Online competitions of popular items such as broadcast exercises, Tai Chi, and Health Qigong have attracted more than 6,800 participants from 766 teams from all over the country. , The number of online video views has exceeded 100 million.

Qiu Ru, deputy director of the Group Department of the State Sports General Administration, said that it is the first time in history to set up an online mass event performance project at the National Games. .

A small “pomegranate flower” stands quietly on the display stand of Jingjinshan. “It’s just that the’pomegranate flower’ is steel, and mine is made of bamboo sticks.” As the inheritor of the folk bamboo sticking skills of the intangible cultural heritage of Shaanxi Province, Jinshan used this work to welcome the 14th National Games. Every day, Jing Jinshan breaks his fingers and counts the day of the National Games, “Many people are like me, and I look forward to it every day!”

Source: People’s Daily

Editor: Zhang Jiameng


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