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Italian auto market, data: -13.3% in June compared to 2019

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After a difficult month of May, the auto market recorded 149,438 registrations of new vehicles, 12.6% more than in the same period of 2020, conditioned by the lockdown. The decrease compared to June 2019, on the other hand, stands at 13.3%

After a month of May closed with particularly low numbers, the car market in Italy gave a very weak sign of awakening in June. According to data released by Unrae, 149,438 new cars were registered: 13% less than in 2019. A slight improvement compared to May, which instead recorded a -27% compared to two years earlier, also due to exhaustion government incentives for more affordable cars. In total, in the first half of 2021, registrations were 884,750 cars, 51.4% more than in 2020 but well below 2019 when sales of new cars exceeded one million (1,083,184). On the need to renew incentives, also expressed by Gazzetta Motori on the occasion of the interviews with the protagonists of the automotive world, the President of Unrae, Michele Crisci, also commented: “In the recent and fruitful meeting of the Automotive Table with the Minister of Economic Development Giancarlo Giorgetti and Deputy Minister Gilberto Pichetto Fratin, the foundations have been laid for the definition of a medium-long term economic policy, but we have also provided indications for urgent interventions aimed at accelerating the renewal of the car fleet, a necessary measure to align our country to the European objectives of ecological transition “.

The incentive node

Against a negative backdrop, the car market in Italy experienced a trend whose ups and downs went hand in hand with the availability of the Ecobonus. Not surprisingly, thanks to the incentives, in about 3 and a half months it was possible to scrape 185,000 old cars, 95% replaced with new cars in the 61-135 g / km range, saving the environment about 115,000 tons of CO2 l ‘year and allowing an increase in revenues from VAT and IPT quantifiable in approximately 160 million euros of additional revenue for the Treasury. As is known, the Ecobonus is now exhausted for all emission bands except for the one between 0 and 60 g / km of CO2. This is the range that includes electric cars and plug-in hybrids, the most expensive. “For this reason – added Crisci – we hope that the Ecobonus will be extended until 2026 for the emissions range between 0 and 60 g / km of CO2 and, during the conversion of the Sostegni-bis Decree, the refinancing for the whole of 2021 incentives for the 61-135 g / km range in the face of scrapping, so as not to nullify the results obtained so far ”.

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Petrol and diesel are decreasing

Among fuel systems, the gradual contraction of petrol and diesel cars continues, stopping at 30.3% and 22.4% share respectively in June; LPG and methane rose slightly, at 8.2% and 2.4% of the share in the month. On the other hand, electrified cars are advancing: hybrids are doing well, with a share of 27.4% in June, 4.7% of which concerns electric cars and plug-ins, respectively 3.4% and 4 , 3% in January-June. The types of cars sold also perfectly reflect the difficult economic times in the country. All segments are in decline, but with small cars recovering part of the market share at the expense of segment D cars, that of medium-large sedans.


In June, Fiat confirmed its leadership in the ranking of brands with 22,191 number plates and a market share of 15.6%. On the second step of the podium is Volkswagen which registered 13,644 cars in June for a market share of 8.6%. Peugeot with 8,068 vehicles sold made a solid contribution to the good performance of the Stellantis Group in June. Returning to the brands, Ford’s fourth place with 5,846 cars sold (51,892 between January and June), is increasingly threatened by Toyota with 8,377 registrations and 50,467 in the cumulative, with a 5.7% share. Citroen’s numbers indicate 7,248 registrations, 45,174 in the cumulative and a share of 4.8%. Seventh place for Renault with 8,716 registrations, 42,042 in the cumulative and a 4.7% share. Opel closed the month of June at 6,433 with a 4.3% share, while Jeep with 6,511 SUVs sold and 37,400 in the cumulative holds a 4.2% share. The Audi top ten closes with 6,556 number plates, 35,922 in the cumulative and a 4% share.

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