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Italian Cup, Turin-Cittadella 4-0: Radonjic, Pellegri, Schuurs and Zima

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Italian Cup, Turin-Cittadella 4-0: Radonjic, Pellegri, Schuurs and Zima

After eliminating Palermo, Juric’s team also gets rid of the Venetians. In January the match against the Italian Champions

From our correspondent Mario Pagliara

The Bull resumes the journey by dropping the poker in the Cup. It took a win to fill the spirit and locker room with self-esteem and new enthusiasm. A stone from Radonjic, Pellegri’s opportunism, Schuurs’s trio and Zima’s header push Juric to the second round of the Italian Cup where the doors of San Siro will open wide (in January there will be the match against Pioli’s Milan) . Strong-willed citadel, for more than an appreciable hour before melting, but the difference was made by the strokes of the individuals. And here the Bull put the arrow closing at 4-0.


A slap from Radonjic thinks about sweeping away the ghosts, almost wanting to shake off the slag that, perhaps inevitably, the derby on Saturday that slipped away in the final left in the locker room. The Serbian’s stone after twenty-one minutes is the comet that illuminates a Bull who, in the first half, travels at a small trot in this evening of the Italian Cup. In the two days that separated this challenge from the derby, Juric will probably have smelled the air in the locker room. And so, in order not to fail to qualify for the second round, he did not completely trust the second lines. The Croatian coach designs a Toro that closely resembles the championship version, with Vlasic-Radonjic and Pellegri composing the offensive trident. Re-enter Singo, Vojvoda and Ricci. On the other hand, Gorini presents a Citadel full of courage and will, which also ends up scaring the grenades at the start.

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from suffering to goleada

After twenty minutes, and it was zero to zero, Milinkovic’s excellent instinct in diving is needed to prevent Tounkara (who emerged with his head in the middle of the casual marking of Zima and Singo) from taking the Citadel ahead. Having collected Radonjic’s goal, the Venetians remain with their heads well inside the game. In the first half the Taurus tries to manage it a little bit, he doesn’t find within himself the energy to impose his usual game. And there is no lack of situations in which he is imperfect in defense in the face of the attempts of Embalo and Magrassi. Halfway through the race, the episode is decisive. In the second half, after ten minutes, Pellegri takes advantage of Donnarumma’s mess (he slips and generates a rebound) and signs the doubling, opening the way for Toro towards the second round. The Cittadella melts, the grenades spread. The icing is Schuurs (Vojvoda heel assist) fifteen minutes from the end, then Zima’s 4-0.

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