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Italy, Frattesi: “I missed Scamacca. England? Fundamental thrust San Siro “

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Italy, Frattesi: “I missed Scamacca.  England?  Fundamental thrust San Siro “

The statements made by the Sassuolo midfielder and the national team

“I missed him so much, two very long months … It was a bit strange to be apart, we practically lived together”. David said so Frattesiinterviewed on the microphones of the social channels of Italian national team in the company of Gianluca Scam. Several questions were answered by the midfielder of Sassuolo: from his relationship with his friend and former teammate, who arrived during the summer transfer market session in Premier Leagueal West Hamto the challenge againstEnglandscheduled for Friday evening in San Siro.

“Why did we live together when we were in Sassuolo? We returned from the winter holidays and tested positive for Covid-19. We moved house and remained closed together for 10 days, we realized that we were fine, even if we already knew it. So, after being healed. , we decided to stay home together until the end of the season. At what age did we meet? Quickly, quickly … At 5-6. He would come to my house every now and then before the games, then friendship became consolidated over the years. The national team together a dream? It was a wonderful journey. Every now and then we told each other, but more to joke. We are here and we are happy to be “, her words.

THE CHALLENGE –“For me, June was my first experience, the great thing about the national teams is confronting other realities. It will be a difficult match as it was in the first leg. How important will it be to play at home, at San Siro, against England? the push of the public will be fundamental because it will certainly be a difficult match. How are training going? Yesterday the training went well, today we will do something more in view of the match against England. For Mazzocchi yesterday great singing debut? Really good, should he stop tomorrow, he would be immediately ready for another career (laughs, ed). If I am better off as a low top or as a midfielder?concluded Frattesi.

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