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Italy-Germany 1-1: Pellegrini is not enough. Gnonto, what a debut – Sport – Football

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Italy-Germany 1-1: Pellegrini is not enough.  Gnonto, what a debut – Sport – Football

Bologna, 4 June 2022 – The new cycle of theItalia from Mancini starts from a 1-1 against the Germania in the opening match of Group 3 of the Lega A from Nations League: al From the Ara from Bologna everything happens between 70 ‘and 73’, when a Pellegrinistocked by the rookie Wilfried Gnontoreplies on the other side Kimmich. The result is a draw in which the greatest regrets, paradoxically in the light of the black moment experienced by Nationalare the prerogative of the hosts, who in the first fraction had hit a post with Scamacca. See Italia e Germania they are not hurt, it is much worse atEnglandwho in the other race of the same group unexpectedly falls against theHungarythe Azzurri’s next opponent in the scheduled match Tuesday 7 June al Manuzzi from Cesena.

First half

The first real chance arrives at 16 ‘, when Gnabry penetrates the area, easily overcomes Pellegrini e Biraghi and pulls of power: Donnarumma is careful. After 10 ‘ Henrichs serves as a trailer Mullerwhose diagonal hit is intercepted by the body of Florenzi: on the continuation of the action Gnabry sets for Goretzka, which on the fly from an excellent position shoots to the stars. L’Italia suffers but slowly grows and within seconds touches the net before with Frattesi (slightly left-handed on the bottom) and then with Scamaccawhich more or less from the same clod as teammate al Sassuolo hits the post to the right of Neuer. The Germania replies with another blow from first off target by Goretzkawhile shortly after the chance wasted by Gnabrywho collects the ball after a pinball machine in the heart of the penalty area and from an excellent position sends the ball into the curve.

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Gnonto-Pellegrini. Kimmich replica

The Azzurri return to the field with determination and at 47 ‘touch the net with the gored out of Scamaccacaught by a perfect brushstroke of Politano: number 9 is on fire and shortly after, at the suggestion of Pellegrinihe tries again with an easy overturned prey of Neuer. At 57 ‘he sets up on his own Politanowhich with a deflected round shot sweeper earn a corner from which developments will not arise dangers for the host defense. The game does not unlock and both coaches draw from the bench: Flick inserts She had to per Sané and the newcomer repays him with a lopsided conclusion from an excellent position. He is definitely better at Manciniwhich throws into the fray Gnonto for the bruised Politano: precisely the class of 2003, 18 year old from Verbania born of Ivorian parents, at 70 ‘propitious the network with which Pellegrinigood at exploiting the empty output of Neuerdeludes the From the Ara before 73 ‘, at the end of a similar action, Kimmich rebalance the match after a hole in Unripe on a traverse of Hofmann. The Germania rides the wave and begins to bomb with continuity from the parts of Donnarummagood at being ready on attempts to Gundogan and of the same Kimmich on which the curtain falls at From the Ara on the debut of the ‘new’ Italia from Mancini.

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