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Italy-Turkey 3-0, Mancini’s blues immediately make a big splash

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The Ottoman “wall” only lasts for a while: Mancini’s blues spread in the second half and sweep away the first opponent they face in this very special European post Covid. The inaugural match of Euro 2020, played at the Olimpico, in the presence of the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella ends 3-0 Italy-Turkey. In the first half you suffer, in the second you take the lead with a fairly fortunate situation (Demiral own goal in the 53rd minute), then Immobile (66 ‘) consolidates the advantage by reiterating a retort by Cakir, the best of his team, and Insigne he brings down the curtain with a trademark shot (79 ‘).

One way game

One-way game, with goalkeeper Cakir who, at least as regards the performance of the first half, can be considered the best in the field for the Turks. Mancini’s team immediately starts very aggressively. At 2 ‘Berardi, launched by Florenzi, shoots just wide. It is again the Sassuolo striker who, in the 7th minute, finds himself anticipated by Cakir before being able to kick. At 17 ‘classic right turn of Insigne who goes off to the right of the pole. Bonucci also tries on 19 ‘with a broadside from outside his which unfortunately does not hit the mirror of the goal.


Unlucky first half

The clearest opportunity of the first half, however, came in the 20 ‘, with a header from Chiellini, on the development of a corner kick: Cakir saved once again in a corner. Another opportunity to head, for Immobile, at 32 ‘. The Turks look out from the parts of Donnarumma only after half an hour, with some unrealistic forays that do not worry the blue rearguard too much. At 43 ‘Ilmaz, after a contrast in the area with Chiellini, recriminates a penalty kick but the referee does not even ask for the Var check. The check arrives instead on the opposite side for a hand in the area by Celik that comes from a cross by Spinazzola , but since the ball first touches the defender’s leg in the light of the new regulation, this time it is not a penalty either.

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The own goal, then the party

At 51 ‘the best opportunity for the Turks: Under’s counterattack who takes advantage of a rough control by Jorginho. Luck wants Donnarumma to put a patch on it. As it was once said, missed goal-conceded goal: an offensive gust from Italy, Berardi putting the ball in the center and Demiral clumsily mocking his own goalkeeper. At 66 ‘the doubling: Immobile reaffirms the ball on the net after the rejection of Cakir on a shot by Spinazzola. From now on, the game is downhill. Insigne also participates in the party, once again with a shot for a shot on the support of Immobile, his teammate at the time of breaking latest news. At this point, dreaming is permissible. Mancini, however, will have to keep the most formidable opponent in the history of the Italian national football team at bay: enthusiasm.

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