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It’s not yet time for a timed sending-off in football

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It’s not yet time for a timed sending-off in football

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On Saturday during the meeting of the International Football Association Board (IFAB) which took place in Glasgow, Scotland, FIFA President Gianni Infantino ruled out the possibility of introducing the blue card into football, i.e. a form of timed expulsion which exists in other sports, such as rugby and hockey.

Within the IFAB, the international body that can decide on changes in the rules of the game of football, and especially in sports newspapers, there has been talk for a while about the possibility of introducing this new rule. The IFAB is independent from FIFA, the organization that governs world football, but of its eight members four are appointed by FIFA, and their opinion is decisive because six votes are needed to approve a change to the regulations.

Arriving in Scotland, Infantino told the press that «there will be no blue card in top-level football. It’s a question that doesn’t exist for us.” Infantino added that he had not been advised that there was a discussion about this new rule within the IFAB and that he found out about it when the news became public. “We are always open to new ideas and proposals, but when you evaluate them you also have to protect the essence and tradition of the game,” he said.

Had it been approved, the blue card would have introduced the possibility for the referee to send a player off for 10 minutes in the event of particularly insistent protests or non-dangerous tactical fouls. It would have been added to the yellow card (warning) and red card (expulsion), which already exist.

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