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Ivan Zucco prepares his return to the ring: “I want to show Verbania: to win you need body and mind”

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Four months have passed since Ivan Zucco defended the Italian Supermedi champion belt in Verbania, six months since he won it in Milan. On Sunday 19 he will return to fight in his city, this time at the sports hall in the main match of the Del Grosso memorial: he will challenge the Georgian boxer Giorgi Gujejiani in a match on six rounds.

What effect does it make you think of returning to the ring in Verbania?

«It’s more and more difficult and exciting because the home crowd is there and therefore you feel a little more pressure, but I’m energized and trained. It’s a good test before having to defend the Italian title again in February, against a very good opponent. I expect a building full of people ready to cheer a lot. I hope to put on a show, to please the fans and that it will be a good evening ».

Did winning the Italian belt change your life?

“No, actually no, even if it offered me opportunities, especially in terms of image. It allowed me to meet many people, even in the entertainment world: for example, the training at the end of October with rapper Gué Pequeno was fun ».

You have also joined Champions for Change, “the champions of change” with other sportsmen. Tell us about it?

«It is a movement that focuses on the social responsibility of sport: sportsmen and women, current and past champions, become a sort of examples to push people towards better behaviors. Each of us will decide the change to be promoted: they will be revealed later, but the issues on the environment and violence against animals and more are important to me. I am proud to have been one of the first to be part of it, also because it allows me to transmit the values ​​of boxing by telling my story ».

What do you think of the new Verbania boxing gym inaugurated at the beginning of November in Gravellona Toce?

“It gave me an extra stimulus because as much as I love the gym where everything was born (there was my teacher, there I did all the matches and there I prepared for the title) there was a need for a turning point both for me and for the company: where we were we were no longer there. It does not matter if the new one is not in Verbania, where unfortunately it was not possible to open it: going to Gravellona is a small sacrifice that, for such a gym, can be made. Here there is a regulation ring already assembled, finally the others can come to sparring here with me and no longer me having to go to Milan or Turin. Since I am also Italian champion, it is right that I am waiting for them. A lot of people are approaching: the structure really deserves ».

Do you feel part of Boxing Verbania in all respects?

“Of course, they have done so much for me, I do what I do for them too.”

Who dreams of facing?

«I always dream of the same fight, the world champion Canelo Alvarez, who recently won the last belt he was missing. It is really very strong ».

You have won 14 out of 14 matches, 12 of which by knockout. Have you ever been afraid of losing?

«Of course and it is part of the game, indeed fortunately it exists: it allows you to remain lucid and never underestimate the opponent. Worse, on the other hand, is the fear of disappointing people, teachers or friends: in reality you never disappoint them, because you are doing everything in the best possible way, but every now and then you can feel this fear ».

What does he do outside the ring?

«During the week I rest, on the weekend when I can I go out with friends and if I have to go to the disco I don’t hold back. In August, for example, I didn’t train for three weeks: every now and then we need to switch off, not only for the body but also for the mind ».

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