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Ivrea and Rivarolese make the fans dream One of their secrets: the off-quota youth

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The two technicians Andrea Porrini and Gianmarco Stefanetto enjoy the moment at the top but never leave anything to chance


Ivrea and Rivarolese, the two queens who command the group of B of Promotion, without disturbing the famous motivational speech by Al Pacino in the film “Every cursed Sunday”, do not give up an inch and, respecting the predictions of the eve, they place themselves as authoritative pretenders to final victory.

Of course the squads of both teams are made up of very good players and nevertheless the two technicians, Andrea Porrini and Gianmarco Stefanetto, are prepared people who leave nothing to chance and pursue their convictions with tenacity and skill. But, without detracting from the various performers of these wonderful rides, it cannot be denied that that extra bit of sprint, which comes from both sides, is given by the skill of the so-called “young people out of altitude” who must necessarily be deployed right from the start. start of the games in number of three. On the orange bank the names are those of Sardaro, Bonaccorsi, Cervato, always immovable owners, in addition to the various Tallarida, Brocco and Cabras. These guys not only perform excellently, but they even hit the mark with some regularity.

And they are heavy goals. How not to think of Sardaro’s goal in full recovery against San Mauro in the Italian Cup, as well as that of Cabras, always in recovery, which earned him the draw against Carrara ’90. Cervato, then, has already scored five times, always with important markings such as the 1-0 at Valdruento, the one that paved the way for the goleada against Caselle and, lastly, the one that gave Ivrea the lead last Sunday. against Vallesusa.

“We are particularly happy with the performances provided by our young people who have often made a difference – says the orange director Mimmo Foti – the management has made important investments and now the first fruits are reaping”.

On the Rivarolese front, on the other hand, still speaking of young players, the goalscorer is the striker Parla, seven goals for him in the league while Feira, who also often scores, together with Gazzetta, a decisive double for him in the victory at San Mauro, Mennuni, Pavia, Faletto, Ottino and Fornero alternate in the starting eleven. “The growth these guys have had is a source of pride for us managers who have been pursuing this goal for some time – the words of president Josè Surace who concludes by ensuring that – our boys are also ready to play in excellence”. Next Sunday, the calendar confronts the two battleships, starting the match at 15 instead of the canonical 14.30, which will face each other on the synthetic of the Polisportivo Grande Torino with the firm intention of continuing their positive streak. The orange, after the defeat against Charvensod on the first day, have struck twelve consecutive useful results with nine wins and only three draws against Volpiano, Carrara ’90 and San Mauro. On the other hand, the grenades of President Surace, after the internal slips on the second and ninth day, respectively against Valduento and Alpignano, are veterans of six consecutive successes with lots of illustrious victims such as San Mauro and above all Lascaris with a lot of overtaking in the standings. On Sunday the word will pass to the field with the young people certainly protagonists. –

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