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Ivrea, dignified defeat Now the future is planned

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Ivrea, dignified defeat Now the future is planned


With the trip to Lecco, Ivrea rugby club’s Ivrea rugby club concluded their championship (Serie V, group 1). It was a dignified defeat, 45-14 (28-7) the first half against the fourth force in the league. Ivrea thus closes without any victory on the field throughout the season (only one at table), but maintaining the category, since no relegations were foreseen.

Ivrea plays a vigorous game not at all intimidated by the blazon of the opponent on duty, shows up on the field with his head held high and in many ways proves to be equal if not superior to the hosts. However, he pays for drops in tension and errors in the decisive moments of the game.

Lecco starts strong and forces Ivrea on the defensive, which yields only twice to the pressure of the hosts, on the other hand the Ivrea pack earns a technical goal. For large sections of the game in balance with Ivrea that could score again, a good opportunity is thwarted a few meters from the goal line and, on the restart, Lecco scores. In the second half the rhythm does not decrease with Lecco continuing in its game of percussion and openings that leads to the realization of two other goals, Ivrea is not there and, after a couple of unsuccessful attempts, it is Matias Ana to take a break in midfield and fly away to the goal, a goal subsequently transformed by Pavan. At the end, with the time now expired, Lecco scores again.

Now two weeks off and then we will meet again at the field to resume individual and team activities. In the meantime, the club is working to plan next season and field a competitive line-up, aided by the experience gained by the youngsters this year. –

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