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Jacobs: “The World Cup was sad, but in the end it gave me energy”

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Jacobs: “The World Cup was sad, but in the end it gave me energy”

Athletics, negative balance for the Olympic champion

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Gnaw. Marcell Jacobs repeats it several times: the final of the 100 meters seen from a distance was a torture, but it went. He leaves behind a series of frustrations and the experience that will only serve if he settles down, for now they are all chasing emotions, regrets to be archived and a season not to be missed: “The World Cup was sad, but it gave me the motivation plus, it made me gnaw and gave me more energy, now I just want to run and break everything ». Yet the US taught him to wait.

To be the fastest again, the Olympic champion must learn to wait. Strange balance for someone who lives to crush time. Pawing, wanting to be there, to be seen and cheered, “to make noise”, is his nature but that desire has led him to many starts from which he has never started and now that he looks back at them, without Eugene as his goal , as a mirage, perhaps there were stages to be avoided, «after it is always easy, in reality everything went well up to Kenya.

The winter season is the one in which I had the most extra sporting events and ended with gold at the Indoor World Championships. After the exits for the activities that do not concern the track they were calibrated and then I think I know how to manage myself, that I have the head to know when you can and when you can’t ». He says he has not heard criticism “I disconnected the social networks, I avoided any echo”, but then the messages of Fred Kerley, behind him at the Games and gold here, he checked them. And also the answers around his name. The American wrote “now I want one against one” and the blue sets the appointment “in Zurich, the last round of the Diamond League. Watching the US hat-trick was particularly tiring, I wanted to get in there, at least and I know that Kerley and Bolt have the same manager but I don’t know how true it is that he mentors them. When someone circulated the post “Bolt’s record trembles”, after the heats with Kerley’s 9 ”79, he waited for the end of the 100 and put his exultation in silence. So, I don’t see all of this support ».

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He returns there, among the sprinters vying for the Jamaican’s legacy, to the place he was snatched from in this season of torment and to which he wants to remain attached. He already slipped that place once, when he was still a long-distance player with the promise of large sizes and the physique to deny them: “I no longer feel fragile because of the physical problems I have had in recent months, they are all a consequence of the same problem . Little details. No, they don’t leave their mark and in any case in the sprint I did something more than in the long jump and I wouldn’t be able to change specialty again ».

The goal now is “to find the best conditions in life for Europeans who make themselves heard.” For a stopwatch capable of crossing the ocean and putting it back in the midst of the others, close to Kerley waiting for the next challenge. Jacobs builds a rivalry as an antidote to waiting and tells it a little bit because it’s right. We cannot leave room for the worm of the missed opportunity, leave room for the fear that the Games will remain a magical and unrepeatable moment where everything happened. And he has his talent to tell him that he must not be so alone that now there has been an empty lap and must be overcome. Not just in intentions.

The mid-August Europeans become much more than they seem. In that dimension he has no rivals, he would not have them even if he were not in the condition he wants to return to, but he needs more to prove to himself more than to others that everything is in order and the thrill of Tokyo is only the Start. To put his thoughts back in line with the frequencies and rediscover the freedom he lost after he put that gold around his neck. –

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