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Jennifer Lawrence in Blood Test Fraud Movie – Magazine

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Jennifer Lawrence

After working together on the satirical film ‘Don’t Look Up’ (currently in theaters and streaming on Netflix from 24 December), actress Jennifer Lawrence and director Adam McKay they already have another project in the pipeline: it is the feature film ‘Bad Blood’, true story of the Elizabeth Holmes startup, which became a case because it promised to revolutionize blood tests and ended up in the eye of the storm because the promises in question seem to be lies.

Jennifer Lawrence and the blood test fraud

The screenplay for the film was written by Adam McKay himself (Oscar winner for the script of ‘The Big Bet’, 2015) and is based on John Carreyrou’s book ‘Bad Blood: Secrets And Lies In A Silicon Valley Startup’, published in 2018. The plot begins in 2003, when Elizabeth Holmes (who will be played by Jennifer Lawrence) launches the startup Theranos claiming to have developed a clinical analysis system for which just a drop of blood is enough instead of the usual two or three vials obtained with a needle in a vein. A pinprick on the fingertip and off you go, that’s it: easy, fast, painless.

The project made Theranos one of the pearls of Silicon Valley, valued at $ 9 billion and with Holmes she became very rich overnight: she owned 50% of the shares, equal to 4.5 billion. The idyll broke when Theranos was accused of conducting inaccurate laboratory tests and of being far from scientifically soundproof. Result: the company is now under judicial investigation, the prices have collapsed and there is also the risk of a trial for fraudulent conduct. And Elizabeth Holmes went from stars to rags.

His story is in the strings of Adam McKay, who has built his own career by telling the dark sides of the capitalist and power system in the United States. And it offers Jennifer Lawrence the chance to take on the role of the entrepreneur once again (she did in the film ‘Joy’), but working on more dramatic and unscrupulous tones. To appreciate the work of McKay and Lawrence, however, we will have to be patient: ‘Bad Blood’ does not yet have an official start date for filming.

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