Home Sports Jiang Guangtai faces a new choice, the risk of relegation of the Guangzhou team is still very high – yqqlm

Jiang Guangtai faces a new choice, the risk of relegation of the Guangzhou team is still very high – yqqlm

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Jiang Guangtai faces a new choice, the risk of relegation of the Guangzhou team is still very high – yqqlm

  Reporter Wang Wei reports The “Away” game against Cangzhou on the evening of August 7 is very important for the Guangzhou team. The points of the two teams are very close, and the Guangzhou team has a chance to score points. The end made a mistake and ended up losing 0-2. Judging from the process of the game, the Guangzhou team is still very thin in terms of lineup, the risk of relegation is very high, and the club and the team still have a lot of work to do.

In this game, Zhang Xiuwei, who did not register in the first stage, entered the starting list. However, the Guangzhou team lacked Jiang Guangtai, Wu Shaocong, Eiffelding and goalkeeper Huo Shenping. The head coach Liu Zhiyu dispatched 5 U23 players. The back line consisted of Li Yang and Wei Minghe partnering with the center defender. Wei Suowei and Wang Shilong were separated from each other. Yan Dinghao, Zhang Xiuwei, Yang Liyu, Huang Guangliang, Wei Shihao and Ling Jie formed the midfield.

Like Zhang Xiuwei, Li Xuepeng, who only signed up in the second stage, did not enter the big list, and Xie Zifeng, who also made a supplementary application, entered the substitute list.

In this game, Zhang Xiuwei, who had short haircut, was more active and did not hesitate to use his physical strength. In the 11th minute of the second half, he passed the ball to Ling Jie on the left from the right. Ling Jie crossed to the goal, Wei Shihao shot the ball and hit the post. , this is the closest shot by the Guangzhou team to the goal; in addition, Zhang Xiuwei also has a shot that slides past.

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Although it is the first time to represent the Guangzhou team this season, Zhang Xiuwei’s physical fitness and state are not bad. If there is no accident, he will regain the main position next.

It is understood that although Zhang Xiuwei did not sign up in the first stage, he and Li Xuepeng participated in the winter training with the team at the beginning of the year. When the team went to the competition area, the two of them trained by themselves. Although there is still a little gap in the rhythm of the game, the overall It seems that Zhang Xiuwei is very active and is trying to catch up with the team.

“I hope they can integrate with the team as soon as possible and can help the team.” Liu Zhiyu said.

  There was no foreign aid, and the strength was seriously damaged. However, during this interim period, many players of the Guangzhou team were called up by the national name, and their strength was further affected. Therefore, the loss was not unexpected.During the East Asian Cup, two defenders of the Guangzhou team, Jiang Guangtai and Wu Shaocong, were selected by the national football selection team. They have not returned to the team before this round of competition. However, after the isolation, Jiang Guangtai faced a new choice.

Before the start of the league this year, Jiang Guangtai applied for arbitration, but due to the lack of time, in order to maintain his state, he finally chose to stay in the Guangzhou team. However, the problem of arrears of wages has not been resolved, and, judging from the current situation, there is no way for the Guangzhou team to solve it in the short term. In this case, Jiang Guangtai, who has received invitations from several clubs, may have new options in the second transfer window opened in August.

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If Jiang Guangtai leaves the team, it will reduce the burden on the Guangzhou team again in terms of cost, but it is obvious that the team’s strength will be affected. Although Li Xuepeng and Xie Zifeng are reported, they cannot play the role of Jiang Guangtai.

From the current point of view, there are not many Chinese Super League clubs capable of introducing Jiang Guangtai. There were rumors that Taishan might exchange Jiang Guangtai with other players, but it is not very credible at present; in addition, Sanzhen and Haigang also introduced Jiang Guangtai. Strength, at the beginning of the season, there were rumors that Haigang wanted to take Jiang Guangtai, but Haigang had already signed Zhang Linpeng, plus Li Ang, He Guan and others, they actually did not lack central defenders, of course, if Jiang Guangtai was a free agent, they would Should be interested.

In addition to Jiang Guangtai and Wu Shaocong, there are a number of players in the Guangzhou team who have been recruited by the national brand. Among them, the U19 national youth who trained in the avant-garde Serbia has recruited three members of the Guangzhou team, including Eiffelding and Huo Shenping. A member of the team is going through relevant procedures and may also travel to Serbia.

“Generally speaking, the transfer of the national team has some influence on the team. Our lineup has not been very thick, and it has a great impact on our lineup.” Guangzhou team coach Liu Zhiyu said: “However, the national team’s We will definitely give our full support to the game, and the players in the same position will actively prepare, hoping to reduce the impact on the team due to personnel transfer.”

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  Back to the game, in addition to the lack of personnel, defensive line mistakes are also one of the reasons for the loss.The two conceded goals have a certain relationship with the position and defense of the back line. The first conceded goal in the 51st minute belongs to the Guangzhou team’s defensive position error. When Yang Yiming volleyed the goal in the penalty area, the Guangzhou team had no players to mark it;The second goal conceded belonged to the flustered defense line. Neither the full-back nor the central defender blocked the opponent’s cross, and the opponent shot easily.

“The players have put in their best efforts, and the responsibility for losing lies with me. Our three-line distance and defensive end were not well done. The young players made some mistakes. We will seriously summarize them when we go back.” After the game, Liu Zhiyu said.


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