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Jihostroj forced their fifth semi-final in Liberec after a home victory

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Jihostroj forced their fifth semi-final in Liberec after a home victory

The Dukla volleyball players were one set away from advancing to the final today. They were leading 2:1, but the home team, led by sweeper Martin Lick, refused to end the series. Licek collected a total of 21 points, seven from service, and it was his aces that helped break the tie break. The South Czechs dominated it and forced a fifth fight in front of two and a half thousand fans in the hall.

The Brno clubs Královo Pole and Šelmy did not advance to the finals of the women’s volleyball extra league in the third match, both lost 2:3 today. The 2:0 lead over Prostějov was not enough for the KP team for sets and 20:18, the reigning champions won the fifth set 15:13 after a thrilling turnaround. Liberec also forced a continuation after a 3:2 home win. KP and Šelmy will have another chance to end the semi-finals on Wednesday.

“Prostějov is improving throughout the series, which was true today as well. From the third set, it was quite a match for Sonia Nováková. The differences between the two teams are small, most sets end with just two points. I don’t know if something broke in today’s match, but so far, balanced endings have gone more often to our side, while this time we did not finish them successfully,” said KP coach Erik Nezhoda.

The forty-seven-year-old record player and former Olympian in beach volleyball Soňa Nováková was also highlighted by Prostějov’s coach Miroslav Čada. “It was a very balanced match. We said to ourselves before the start of the match that we would fight until the last ball, and we repeated the same thing even during the unfavorable course. When we managed to fulfill it to the letter. I think that a big part of today’s victory has Soňa Nováková, who went on the court in the third set and then there was a break. Overall, however, I want to highlight the excellent collective performance of the entire team, its indomitability,” evaluated the third semi-final.

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All-rounder Nikola Kvapilová led Liberec to avoid the end of the series, who collected 32 points.

Men’s volleyball extra league playoff semi-finals – 4th match:
Ceske Budejovice – Liberec 3:2 (18, -21, -23, 21, 8)
Most points: Licek 21, Van Schie 15, Ondrovič 11 – Nikačevič 14, L. Demar 12, Lux 10. Series status: 2:2.
Women’s volleyball extra league playoff semi-finals – 3rd matches:
Liberec – Selmy Brno 3:2 (24, -22, -19. 27, 10)
Most points: Kvapilová 32, Šulcová 14, Kojdová 9 – Kyryčenková 29, Kozubíková 15, Kocmanová-Havlíčková 12. Series status: 1:2.
KP Brno – Prostějov 2:3 (17, 20, -23, -19, -13)
Most points: Bukovská 24, Nikolovová 18, Koulisiani 16 – Silvaová 22, Trnková 13, J. Smolková 11. Series status: 2:1.

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