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Jin Ruanjing 21 points, Shanghai women’s volleyball team 3-1 Liaoning third place wins 1-0 to seize the opportunity_Zhong Hui_Shi Bing_Sun Xiao

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Original title: Jin Ruanjing 21 points Shanghai women’s volleyball team 3-1 Liaoning third runner-up victory for 1-0 to seize the opportunity

On January 3, the National Women’s Volleyball Super League of the 2021-2022 season ushered in the first match of the third place at Jiangmen Sports Center. Shanghai Guangming Yoube defeated Liaoning Huajun 3-1 in four rounds, and won the bronze medal in the three-match two-win system. 1-0 to seize the opportunity, the American captain Larsen took a turn for the Korean female volleyball star Jin Ruanjing to dominate the championship with 21 points. The main attacker Zhong Hui and Liaoning corresponded to Sun Xiaoxuan. The main offensive stage placed 19 points, 20 points and 16 points across the net. If Shanghai Guangming Yoube beats Liaoning Huajun in the second round, it can win the third place in the Volleyball Super League.

Liaoning Huajun 1-3 Shanghai Guangming Youbei (19-25, 25-21, 21-25, 18-25)

Wang Zhiteng heads Shanghai Guangming Youbei arranges No. 5 Larsen (Captain America) to truce. The starting lineup is No. 10 Jin Ruanjing (Korea) and No. 17 Zhonghui, No. 6 Gao Yi (August 1st) and No. 2 Zhang Yuqian. , Responding to No. 11 Ouyang Qianqian (August 1st) and Freeman No. 1 Wang Weiyi, Setter No. 18 Xu Xiaoting; Zhao Yong coached Liaoning Huajun to dispatch setter No. 8 Ding Xia, main attack No. 5 Shi Bingtong and No. 10 Duan Fang, deputy attack 15 No. Xue Yizhi (Jiangsu) with No. 6 Hu Mingyuan, No. 4 Sun Xiaoxuan and Freeman No. 19 Xu Jianan debut.

In the first game, Xu Xiaoting jumped and put pressure from Zhang Yuqian and Ouyang Qianqian to defend to 2-0. After the Shanghai women’s volleyball team was released by Duan, Jin Ruanjing and Zhong Hui attacked to 4-2. Ouyang Qianqian was blocked by Hu Mingyuan. In Shi Bingtong, through the Hawkeye challenge, the shot was fired. Hu Mingyuan and Duan Fang struggled for a snatch error again by Zhong Hui, and Liaoning Huajun was broken by Ouyang Xiqian and lost 4 points in a 3-4 consecutive game until Shi Bingtong dunked heavily. Zhong Huiping opened and Jin Ruanjing scored 2 points from 8-4 in a row. Shanghai Guangming Youbei was out of bounds by Duan Fang and Jin Ruanjing rushed to 11-5.

Duan Fangping pulled away and Sun Xiaoxuan probed to 7-12, but Shi Bingtong was blocked. Zhang Yuqian quickly forced Zhao Yong to suspend and denounce the collapse of Zhao Yong. Lin Xinyu’s marker post error was taken by Shi Bingtong and deducted to 8-15. Zhong Hui crossed with Ouyang Qianqian, and Shanghai Guangming Yoube relied on Zhang Yuqian to chase Shi Bingtong and flew to 18-9. Shi Bingtong’s slinging combined chasing for 2 points but was opened by Zhong Huiping. Liaoning Huajun saved 2 points from 17-24 with Hu Mingyuan and Shi Bingtong, and was defeated by Ouyang Xiqian to 19-25.

In the second round, Sun Xiaoxuan tied with Zhang Yuqian. Unfortunately, Duan Fang was blocked by Zhang Yuqian. The Liaoning women’s volleyball team was blocked by Sun Xiaoxuan’s strong attack and bounced back into the bounds. Zhong Hui lost 3 points in a row from 1-0. Sun Xiaoxuan and Xue Yizhi blocked Ouyang Qian. Akane tied 3-3. Zhong Hui attacked but Ouyang Qianqian was intercepted by Xue Yizhi again, Shanghai Guangming Youbei was beaten by Sun Xiaoxuan and lost 3 points in 4-3. After being reversed, Jin Ruanjing attacked and defended, Zhang Yuqian blocked and Duan Fang attacked. After going off the net, after 7-9 straight 4 points to overtake Zhao Yong, he was tied by Ouyang Qianqian after a timeout.

After Liaoning Huajun lost 5 points in a row, Sun Xiaoxuan was second to 10-12. After being beaten by Zhong Hui and Gao Yi, Sun Xiaoxuan made continuous breakthroughs. After chasing 3 points from 11-15, Wang Zhiteng was suspended and then suspended by Sun Xiaoxuan. Hu Mingyuan’s headshot Gao Yi took the initiative to comfort with Ding Xia’s reminder. Shanghai Guangming Yoube was blocked by Shi Bingtong for overtaking 16-18 due to high intentions. Shi Bingtong buckled and Hu Mingyuan chased Zhong Hui Dianfei but was pushed to 22-19 by Jin Ruanjing. After Liaoning Huajun was saved by Zhong Hui 24-20, Xue Yizhi attacked to tie the game 25-21.

In the third game, Sun Xiaoxuan was blocked by Zhang Yuqian and it was good at Xue Yizhi’s probe. The Liaoning women’s volleyball team scored 2 points from 0-1 through Shi Bingtong’s defense. Zhong Huiping opened up the defense but was blocked by Shi Bingtong. Shanghai Guangming Yoube rushed in due to Xu Xiaoting’s offensive mismatch and Zhong Hui rushed in. Xu Xiaoting blocked Shi Bingtong and Xu Jianan defended to 7-5. Hu Mingyuan flew back but was highly reciprocated by the fast kick and was then probed by Jin Ruanjing. Huajun Liaoning forced Zhao Yong to suspend at 6-9 and put a strong attack.

Jin Ruanjing attacked and defended against the counter, Xu Xiaoting jumped the ball to score 3 points in a row at 10-10, Zhao Yong questioned the penalty and was shown a yellow card. -14. Sun Xiaoxuan and Zheng Mingyu alternated with Xue Yizhi to jump and chase for 3 points. The Shanghai women’s volleyball team used Ouyang Xiqian to change the buckle and Zhang Yuqian flew to 21-19. Ouyang Qianqian ran forward and Sun Xiaoxuan fired to 24-21. Shanghai Guangming Yoube used Ouyang Qianqian to block Shi Bingtong to lead the game 25-21 and score 2-1.

In the fourth game, Xue Yizhi’s short draw was a pity that Duan Fangping pulled out of bounds. The Liaoning women’s volleyball team lost 2 points from 1-0 due to Shi Bingtong being chased by Jin Ruanjing. . Zhong Hui attacked but fired again and was blocked by heavy dunk and lost 2 points in a row from 4-4. Shanghai Guangming Yoube opened through Zhong Huiping and Qin Siyu blocked Shi Bingtong, Jin Ruanjing intercepted Hu Mingyuan from 4-6 and scored 4 consecutive points. After Zhao Yong paused, Shi Bingtong made another mistake. Fortunately, Lin Xinyu changed to 7-9 to stop the card with 5 points.

Lin Xinyu chased after Zhong Hui Dianfei and Duan Fangfang scored 3 points to tie with 9-9. The Shanghai women’s volleyball team relied on Jin Ruanjing and Sun Xiaoxuan to hit the net twice to 12-9, forcing Sun Haiping to take over Ding Xia’s second goal. But Hu Mingyuan made a mistake in jumping. Liaoning Huajun flattened after losing 3 points in a row at 10-12, and Xue Yizhi was short and flat and blocked until 13-16 and was broken by Zhong Hui. Shanghai Guangming Yoube relied on Zhong Hui’s serve to pressure Jin Ruan Jingping to open and score 6 points in a row from 18-17 in the defense. After Hu Mingyuan saved the match point, Qin Siyu’s fastball secured the victory 25-18. (Su Yingguo)Return to Sohu to see more


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