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Jinmen Tigers pressure Chongqing to regain the initiative and relegation to win a game? _Match_tianjin_liangjiang

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Original title: Jinmen Tigers pressed Chongqing to regain the initiative and re-enacted to win a game to relegation?

On December 25th, Beijing time, in the 19th round of the 2021 Chinese Super League, Tianjin Jinmen Tigers finally defeated Chongqing 1-0 with Li Songyi’s lore goal before the end of the game. Liangjiang Athletics, while achieving the first victory in the second stage of the relegation competition, also overwhelmed the opponents in the current round in the rankings, thus regaining the initiative to relegation. Perhaps the scene of relegation after winning a game last season was another. May be staged again this season.

After losing to Qingdao team and Cangzhou Lions one after another, the Tianjin Jinmen Tigers can be said to have reached the point of fighting back. If they can no longer defeat tonight’s opponent Chongqing Liangjiang Athletic, then Tianjin Jinmen Tigers will temporarily lose the initiative to relegation. Right, and once it falls into the relegation playoffs, then the difficulty of facing the Chinese Premier League team that is ambition to rush to the Super League may be even worse than that of the Super League relegation match. But even at the point where they had to win, the Tianjin Jinmen Tigers fell into a situation where they were short of soldiers. After captain Kadar was reimbursed for the season due to an injury, Iloki strained his thigh in the last round of the league. In this case, the Tianjin Jinmen Tigers could only challenge with double foreign aid. In addition, Bai Yuefeng and Patton also watched directly from the side due to injury, while the other could only stand by on the bench first. Under the remnant formation, the Jinmen Tigers, who were already limited in strength, were still struggling to play the game. In all fairness and Chongqing Liangjiang Competitiveness can only be regarded as a half catty level.

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Of course, Tianjin Jinmen Tigers still have to thank Goddess of Luck for her favor. Before the end of the game, they used the refraction caused by the set-kick opportunity to make Zhou Tonggang, who got the ball in the penalty area, in a non-offside position. Then he assisted in the game. The captain Li Songyi easily scored the quasi lore goal. It was with this goal that the Tianjin Jinmen Tigers got their wish and scored all three points with difficulty. This was also the team’s first victory after entering the relegation competition. And more importantly, after winning this game, Tianjin Jinmen Tigers achieved a lead over Chongqing Liangjiang Sports in the standings, regaining the initiative to relegation for themselves. At present, the Tianjin Jinmen Tigers, whose points have reached 14 points, are ahead of Chongqing Liangjiang Athletics with 1 point. It has temporarily ranked third from the bottom in the relegation group. In other words, if this ranking is finally maintained until the end of the season, then Tianjin Jinmen Tigers can do it. You can directly declare your relegation success without having to play in the play-offs.

Perhaps to some extent, the Tianjin Jinmen Tigers will also replicate the magical scene of relegation by winning only one game last season. Of course, compared with last year, the Super League system and relegation rules are still different, but it is undeniable tonight. The value of winning this game is definitely more than just six points. I still remember last season as the only team that did not win in the first stage. The predecessor of the Tianjin Jinmen Tigers, Tianjin Teda, relied on the first round victory of the first round of Shenzhen Kaisa in the second stage of the relegation competition. Finally achieved relegation. And from being regarded as the biggest favorite for relegation to completing the landing early, this team can complete it with only one victory. And this season, Tianjin Jinmen Tigers is also likely to continue to write such a magical drama again. At present, they not only suppress Chongqing Liangjiang Sports in points, but also have an advantage in the relationship between each other’s wins and losses, even if the two teams eventually scored the same. , Tianjin Jinmen Tigers are also ranked higher than Chongqing Liangjiang Athletics.

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The value of this victory is obviously a change in mentality for the Tianjin Jinmen Tigers, because with a physical lead, they will not be able to face the Henan Songshan Longmen and Cangzhou Lions who have been successfully relegated. With so much pressure, and at the same time four points higher than the deputy squad leader Qingdao team, maybe that game can determine whether the Tianjin Jinmen Tigers can complete their relegation ahead of schedule. Of course, at this time, it can only be said that the revolution has not yet succeeded. Tianjin Jinmen Tigers still have to work hard to score points in the next game. After all, no one knows what kind of survival desire and fighting power can erupt from Chongqing Liangjiang Sports and Qingdao Team in the last three rounds. , It’s safest to keep your destiny in your own hands. However, the problems exposed by the Tianjin Jinmen Tigers in this game are still obvious. Although the siege in the second half seemed lively, the efficiency was actually very low. If it is said that the lack of accuracy and rationality in handling the ball is due to the innate ability of the existing players and the insufficient quotient, then how the game should be played without a positive center forward is completely normal without knowing it. Training is over, and this is obviously the biggest worry left by the team while being cautious and optimistic. (Bow Wenlong)Return to Sohu to see more


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