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Joana Sanz’s writing after Dani Alves’ sentence

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Joana Sanz’s writing after Dani Alves’ sentence

Barcelona Court Convicts Footballer Dani Alves for Sexual Assault

Last Thursday, February 22, 2024, the Barcelona Court issued a conviction against footballer Daniel Alves for the crime of sexual assault, imposing a sentence of four years and six months in prison. The court found that Alves violently grabbed the complainant, threw her to the ground, and proceeded to penetrate her vaginally, despite her repeated refusals and desire to leave. The sentence concluded that this behavior constitutes a violation as it lacked the consent of the victim, involved the use of force, and constituted a sexual act.

Joana Sanz, the victim in this case, has taken four days to process the sentence and release a statement in which she holds the media responsible for the impact on her mental health. It is worth noting that Sanz had chosen to speak to various media outlets previously to share her version of events and had also appeared on a live program to discuss her experience, describing the assault as an “infidelity.”

In her statement, Joana Sanz expressed the ongoing struggle she is facing after the sentencing of her ex-partner Dani Alves. The case highlights the importance of consent in sexual interactions and the serious consequences of sexual assault.

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