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Johannesburg Open: Lawrence easily won the championship with 36 holes and Bai Zhengkai ranked 57th_Game_South Africa_World Tour

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Original title: Joburg Open: Lawrence easily won the championship with 36 holes, Bai Zhengkai ranked 57th

On November 28, Beijing time, the Johannesburg Open of the DP World Tour ended at the Rand Park Golf Club in Johannesburg, South Africa. Due to the new crown epidemic and restrictions on international travel in South Africa, coupled with the delay in the second round of matches due to weather, the organizing committee decided that the Johannesburg Open was reduced to 36 holes. After the Johannesburg Open was reduced to 36 holes, South African player Triston Lawrence became the first champion of the DP World Tour era.

Previously, the opening game of the 2022 DP World Tour season has been reduced to 54 holes in order to allow non-South African players, caddies and event support personnel to return to their countries, due to the emergence of new coronavirus mutations in South Africa, international travel restrictions Implemented in the country.

Lawrence played at home on both the first and second days of his DP World Tour’s lowest score, two consecutive 65s, allowing him to score 12 under par at the Rand Park Golf Club. Entered the finals and took a 4 stroke lead.

The weather delay in the first two days meant that the second round had to be completed on Saturday morning, but when the other players finished their own second round, Lawrence was still 4 shots ahead.

The third round of the game just started, but more dangerous weather swept through at 12:12 in the afternoon. As the third day of the game did not hope to be completed, the organizing committee announced the final title based on the results of this 36-hole.

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Lawrence’s South African compatriot Zander Lombard ranked second with an 8-under-par score. Another South African player, Sean Norris and England’s Ashley Chester, had a total under-par score. 7 shots, tied for third place.

This victory also gave Lawrence, Lombard and Chester a place in the 150th Open next month, while Norris has been exempted.

Lawrence scored his first victory in his 22nd DP World Tour. In the previous 21 games, he has been shortlisted 6 times and his best result is 17th. He came to Johannesburg as an affiliate member, but after winning the Sunshine Tour of Stellenbosch at Vodacom Origin in 2019, he now has DP World Tour immunity until 2023, and is just getting started. The DP World Tour and Rolex are among the best in the rankings-a 36-hole victory can earn 75% of the points.

“It’s too unreal,” Lawrence said. “I don’t think anyone thought it would be like this. It was done on a Saturday afternoon, but I really appreciate it. This is a life-changing moment for me. This is me. The dream of a lifetime has come true. In the past few days, incredible golf. I have a certificate for the Sunshine Tour, but I really want to go to the next stage. It happened so fast. There will be many next year Things may happen. You know that you are on the tour and you don’t have to worry about invitations. This gives you a lot of confidence. You don’t often have these opportunities. I have co-op events for four years, so you have accumulated experience, but This is incredible.”

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Chinese player Bai Zhengkai finished the second round with a score of 72, which was one stroke above par. After 36 holes, the 24-year-old boy ranked tied for 57th with a total score of one stroke above par.

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