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Jokic: If you don’t like Curry, then you don’t like basketball.

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Original title: Jokic: If you don’t like Curry, then you don’t like basketball

On January 2, Beijing time, Jokic recently accepted an exclusive interview with the Serbian media and mentioned his life in the NBA.

Last season, Jokic won the MVP with an average of 26.4 points, 10.8 rebounds and 8.3 assists per game, becoming the MVP with the lowest draft pick in NBA history. Jokic revealed that in the early stages of entering the league, he once wanted to go home.

“I used to drink two or three liters of Coke every day. On the flight to the United States, I drank the last can.” Jokic said, “The first week of training was difficult. All my teammates were stronger than me. , They are more athletic, they can use any action to dunk, I kind of wanted to go home at the time.”

“Now I have entered the seventh season of the NBA. At the very beginning, I just warmed up on the bench, and then I would get some garbage time, and then I entered the starting line. This is a process, although I want me to go. It’s a road off the beaten track.” Jokic said.

Jokic said that he entered the NBA thanks to being rejected by Barcelona in his first season in Mega Basket. “They showed up in a game on our home court and gave me a transfer opportunity, but after I played very badly, they put it on hold,” Jokic recalled, “then the Nuggets came. You know the rest.”

When talking about the most impressive players in the league, Jokic mentioned Curry and Durant. But he said that he never admired any peers.

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“Any top 20 player in the league can get 50 points on you. If you start admiring them and accepting that they are better than you, then you will lose your competitive advantage.” Jokic said.

“But I always say to everyone, if you don’t like Curry, then you don’t like basketball. Durant is the best offensive player in the league and he can’t defend at all.” Jokic praised.Return to Sohu to see more


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