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Jorginho-Sterling, the final and the Golden Ball are at stake: whoever wins can make it his own

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Italy-England will not only decide the European Championship. It could also be decisive for the award of the most prestigious individual trophy

From our correspondent Fabio Licari

And the winner is … Jorginho o Sterling. We are moving towards this challenge for Ballon d’Or and Best Fifa. Probably Italy-England will not only award the European Championship. The third wheel could come from South America where, more or less simultaneously, Messi and Neymar will compete for the Copa America. More difficult for the Brazilian, eliminated with PSG in the Champions League and not even champion of France. Different speech for Messi who, since 2007, has never gone worse than third place in the Golden Ball and – what an offense – he only finished fifth in the Best Fifa 2018. You know, he and Ronaldo get votes even when they don’t deserve it. Media power. But in this 2021 to deprive one of Jorginho and Sterling of recognition would be unfair.

Why Jorginho

Then, of course, there are always those who will turn up their noses thinking of a central midfielder who wins (the last one was Sammer in 1996). he could always start from second place after Messi (technically the best), or he could evaluate the season. And there is no competition here. Jorginho is one of the keys to Chelsea’s European champions: the Blues began to fly when Tuchel recovered him after problems with Lampard. He did not miss a match with Italy even before the Euro.

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Head and heart

Jorginho is not Pirlo, but he is indispensable. If you don’t have Jorginho you don’t win. Its specific weight is very high today. Like Sneijder in Inter and Iniesta in Spain: yet Messi won. Injustices to be remedied. He is almost thirty years old but he hasn’t stopped growing: this is a merit. You could already see in Verona that he was good. In Naples it was crucial for Sarri. But today he is a total midfielder that Mancini helped to grow (reciprocated). The blue maneuver runs fast because there is no tinsel: Jorginho is the most essential and useful player. And also what. excluding Pedri, he does more kilometers (72.3) in this tournament. Head and heart.

But the forwards …

But the forwards … Sterling is also playing a great European. Without his left-wing inventions and goals (apart from the penalty …), England would not be in the final. But if we look at the season, the situation changes. Often he did not play for City and he also failed the Champions League final against Jorginho. However, he has the advantage of being a striker, and the jurors are sensitive to the roles. The Ballon d’Or in office has been Messi since 2019: in 2020 the prize was not awarded. Best Fifa 2020 rightfully went to Lewandowski.

The opponents

What could be the Top 10 of the year? Certainly inside Jorginho. Sterling. Messi, Ronaldo of records, De Bruyne, Lewandowski, Kanté. They could be joined by Lukaku, Havertz, Neymar and Kane who is coming back with his last European goals. Still fluid situation due to the two finals. It is understood that Jorginho-Sterling is a theoretical duel: the crossings on the pitch between them should not be very frequent, it is easier for Jorginho to find himself in front of Mount, companion in Chelsea. But Sterling’s control starts with his defensive direction. And, by winning, he would also do Mancini a favor who, like Ranieri in 2016, would be the legitimate candidate for Best for the best coach: the coach plays with Southgate, of course, with Tuchel as a third wheel. Maybe at Wembley, in addition to Italy, the Italians are made.

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