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Julian Nagelsmann relies on a simple game idea

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Julian Nagelsmann relies on a simple game idea

Don’t always just play great passes: national coach Julian Nagelsmann will from now on rely on a Realo attitude. Image: Picture Alliance

Enough dreaming: National coach Julian Nagelsmann has not yet seen anything that gives hope of reaching the European Championship semi-finals. Now he relies on workers and a simple game idea.

September 10th last year set a lot of things in motion in German sport. It was the day that Hansi Flick had to pack his bag as national soccer coach, and it was the day that the national basketball team became world champions. The fact that the German Football Association (DFB) intervened with its separation message from Wolfsburg at the final in Manila is only a footnote in this story, but if you follow Julian Nagelsmann, Flick’s successor, then that almost sensational triumph of the basketball players is now the beginning of one be your own success story.

This Friday the first big interview with Nagelsmann as national coach appeared in “Spiegel”, and almost a little hidden among the many professional and (very) personal topics that were covered there is also how Nagelsmann made a documentary about basketball -national team saw and apparently a light bulb dawned on him. “You could see the conversations between the coach and players before the World Cup. “It became clear that everyone knew their role months before the tournament,” said Nagelsmann, and he would adopt this principle of clear role distribution. “It’s helpful if every player knows exactly where they stand.”

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