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Juric against his past: “Tudor a brother, I’m curious to see if we are at the level of Verona”

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TURIN. Ivan Juric against his past, not a match like any other. Tomorrow at the Grande Torino stadium arrives Verona with which the Croatian has built a beautiful fairy tale, but he cannot get lost in memories: that reconstruction work now awaits him at Toro. «It was the best time of my life – admits the grenade technician – we built by doing wonderful things, I thank the club and the fans, it was magnificent. And then Verona has a great feeling, the Venetians are special, I liked them so much, I saw a great attachment to traditions and to the territory ». Juric pursues his happier past, his idea is to bring that working method also to Turin, although the first months were not as he had hoped. «The president Setti was exceptional – he continues – he allowed me to do the things I had in mind, we changed the working method and mentality, immediately took 16 players, put a lot of passion and love starting from scratch. With him and the director D’amico there was a great, unique feeling. The bull? Everything is different starting with the enthusiasm of the people, there were twenty thousand at each game, here in 7 thousand, but I thank them, there is still waste, it takes time. And I have just started with Vagnati, we need to get to know each other better, I would like to create a strong and fair relationship. I have to be good at being followed, because I know I’m right, but I have to be understood ».

An important brick for the construction of the new house will be able to give him tomorrow night’s match against a team accustomed to playing by heart. Juric prepares for battle. «I’m curious to see if we are at their level – he says – it will be a tough game, with many individual duels and movements to create spaces. They play like us but they are more fluid, it is normal, they have been repeating the same things for two and a half years. And Tudor is as if he were my brother, he is demonstrating great skills, I am overjoyed with what he is doing, and that the project continues ».

The owners will return to Toro, even if Juric would not change one iota of the formation that took to the field in the Italian Cup against Sampdoria. “Someone did well and some didn’t, but I have clear ideas since August 1: more than one player is difficult to replace in the squad”, emphasizes Juric who for tomorrow also recovers two important defensive pieces like Bremer, who has disposed of the annoyance at calf, and Djidji returning after three weeks off. “They made progress – informs the coach – yesterday they played a part of training with the group, I hope they are both well”. Sanabria will also return, on which the health of the attack will largely depend. «Against Bologna he played a very convincing performance – Juric charges him – I immediately had the feeling that he was inside the match, in the end I counted him 5 scoring. He must always have that energy and that desire to fight ».


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