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Juve-Atalanta, Allegri: “We have to compact ourselves. With -15 nothing changes”

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Juve-Atalanta, Allegri: “We have to compact ourselves. With -15 nothing changes”

The Juventus coach on the eve of Atalanta: “The legal proceedings concern the club: we must think only of the pitch so as not to find ourselves having regrets in two months when there will be the final sentence”

“It’s a special match. After yesterday we all have to get back together even more and keep working, with a low profile: that’s why we’re here, I with the club and the players just have to think about the pitch. What changes after -15? Absolutely doesn’t change nothing, we have to make some points”. Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri said so in his presentation press conference on the eve of tomorrow night’s match against Atalanta. “This morning I spoke to Scanavino, today at 14.30 President Ferrero will be with him who will speak to the team, then all we have to do is train and prepare for the match against Atalanta”.

“These legal proceedings concern the club: we have to think only of the pitch. Given the new classification, which is momentarily a fact, we have to win to score 25 points and then in the second round try to climb positions slowly”. And again: “The final sentence will be there in two months and we mustn’t let ourselves find ourselves having regrets because we didn’t do what we had to do. We’re thinking about winning matches on the field and climbing positions, in the meantime we’ll try to get to seventh place and then we’ll see “. Still on the goals for the rest of the season: “All negative situations can be transformed into opportunities, this is to do the best. The best in the Europa League to go to the Champions League, and it’s not easy, the best in the Italian Cup , and it’s not easy. And there are still 60 points available in the championship.”

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