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Juve-Benfica, Bonucci: “I’m worried, we struggle to do everything”

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Juve-Benfica, Bonucci: “I’m worried, we struggle to do everything”

The Juve captain after the home debacle with Benfica: “It’s right to be booed, we leave the game too often. With so many injuries you feel fatigue”

“The whistles are right, it’s a game that we absolutely shouldn’t have lost.” Leonardo Bonucci is clear in the inevitable self-criticism after Juventus’ home defeat in the season home debut in the Champions League with Benfica: “It is right to be booed, and it is right that in these cases I, who am the captain, will have to face it. Unfortunately, I am the captain. we are going through this moment in which we find it hard to do everything after we reach the goal. ”


Asked to Prime Video’s microphones if he was worried, Bonucci replied: “I’m worried, there is nothing to hide. Unfortunately we leave the game too often, either for a mental or a physical fact, I don’t know why. . This is what worries me the most, we find it hard to be consistent during matches. Now there is little to say, we just have to shut up, work and look forward. ” And again: “I think it is a situation that can be changed, for sure. We have many players out, from different matches we always play the same and fatigue is felt. The fault? It belongs to everyone, not to individuals, to the coach. or of society, but of everyone “.

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