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Juve, Cobolli Gigli: “Capital gains? Completely different from Calciopoli”

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Juve, Cobolli Gigli: “Capital gains?  Completely different from Calciopoli”

Speaking on Radio Anch’io Sport, the former Juve president Cobolli Gigli spoke about the penalty points given to Juve

Intervened during the program Radio Anch’io Sporton air Rai Radio 2,the former president of Juve Cobolli Gigli spoke of 15 penalty points data to Juve:History repeats itself in the sense that Juve could be subject to penalties such as with Calciopoli. But here the arguments are completely different: Calciopoli investigated the unhealthy relationships between the teams and the referees, here instead it’s a discussion about capital gains. We are waiting for the FIGC Court of Appeal to release its appeal to understand the reasons for which alone Juve had 15 penalty points and the other teams didn’t. Not that I want the other teams to be penalised, but I too have noticed a certain thing conceptual discrepancy“.

Meanwhile, Juve has appealed to Coni – has continued, which can give results but it will not change the penalty. He can only delete it or keep it. Or, as the lawyer Cantamessa says, and I trust him, the judgment for a new trial could be sent back to the Court”.

Final comment on the salary maneuver: “Then there are other unpleasant things to hear: the speech on salaries also touches on the criminal, waiting for UEFA to pronounce. Juve’s new board of directors is certainly affected by various very difficult problems. The most worrying thing concerns the salary maneuver, because there could be false accounting”. But speaking of the market, there is a deal close to closing<<

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