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Juve, how much is the Italian Cup worth? And the crossings of the challenge with Lazio

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Juve, how much is the Italian Cup worth?  And the crossings of the challenge with Lazio

The competition is a gateway to Europe to change the meaning of the season. And from Pellegrini and Milinkovic to the Sarri-Allegri challenge how many crossings with Lazio

The team that wins the Coppa Italia this year collects around 10 million: 7 for having won the trophy (the other finalist gets 5) and around 3 overall for the other rounds passed. For Juve, however, that’s not all: it can’t be everything. The historic moment that surrounds the club away from the pitch shifts the team’s and fans’ greater attention to competitions parallel to the championship, where the standings are currently tainted by the -15 penalty. There is still a second round to play in Serie A, but certainly the European zone is now far away and there is the risk of remaining out of the cups next year. For this reason, the Italian Cup is a joker that should not be underestimated in order to possibly earn a secondary entry.


In fact, in addition to the money, the team that wins the national cup has the right to access the Europa League, which would not be as precious as the Champions League but would guarantee at least a European stage and a minimum turnover from television rights. A secondary road that Juve finds itself taking with a pinch of bitterness already this year, after being eliminated from the Champions League at the end of the qualifying round. Whoever wins the Europa League, among other things, enters directly into the group of participants in the next edition of the Champions League: in short, this too becomes a path to be taken with commitment and determination, considering that the Juventus squad would have all the cards in rule to point to the ultimate success.

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Meanwhile, there is Lazio in the quarter-finals of the Italian Cup: a challenge that is by no means trivial and with several special observations. The last day of the market unlocked Pellegrini’s transfer from Turin (via Entracht) to the capital, with a loan that could turn into a sale next summer due to a purchase option set at 15 million. Juve, on the other hand, in the biancoceleste squad always looks with interest at Milinkovic Savic, who would be the perfect replacement for Rabiot: but in this phase we need to act on the market with prudence and with our eyes fixed on the accounts. Rather, the traditional challenge between Allegri and Sarri, different coaches, will be renewed at the Stadium: but also the last to have followed up on the black and white dominance in Serie A started by Conte a decade ago.

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