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Juve, Icardi to replace Morata The former Inter player is looking for a relaunch in Serie A

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6-month or 18-month loan with redemption right / obligation. There is already the yes of Max Allegri If the summer investment were anticipated, eyes on Vlahovic or Scamacca


That the goal has always been his strong point, Juve understood quickly and above all at their own expense. Mauro Icardi left his calling card at the Stadium nine years ago, scoring his first double in Serie A with the Sampdoria shirt (6 January 2013) which cost the defeat of the Italian champions led by Antonio Conte, and now he could take him back in another winter in which his fate once again crosses that of the bianconeri. No longer as a dear enemy, capable of scoring 8 goals for Juventus in 13 league games, but as a first ally for a double recovery.

Allegri’s team needs a center forward like him to replace Morata and return to being competitive, while Icardi is chasing a relaunch in Italy after losing a leading role in the PSG and also giving life to the most incredible media telenovela with his wife-agent. Wanda Nara. Having found peace in the family, a peace sealed by the mega Christmas gift (necklace and a golden heart with the names of the 5 children), now the Argentine striker is looking for the right solution to return to being the protagonist only on the pitch.

Icardi is not only the man of the goal, but he shares and loves challenges. Also for this reason as a former Inter captain he wants Juve, while the possibility of regaining Serie A would be a further stimulus for someone like him after having been top scorer twice and having already scored 121 goals in 219 games (practically the same spoils of two strikers Argentines such as Trezeguet and Higuain). The big maneuvers are underway on the Paris-Turin axis, even if the return operation is not easy: PSG would like to sell it and Juve would like to borrow it for six months, even if we also think about 18 months of “rental” with a right-obligation to redeem.

The Juventus managers reflect and keep alive the possibility that leads to the loan of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, now out of the squad in Arsenal but engaged in the African Cup with Gabon, while if they were to anticipate the summer investment they will bet everything on Vlahovic (who however he wants to stay in Florence until June) or Scamacca. The situation is evolving in Juve and Allegri will not sell Morata to Barcelona (the exchange with Depay rejected) until there is a new center forward.

The Livorno coach has already given his go-ahead to Icardi, he esteems him and already wanted him at the end of August to replace Ronaldo, but in the meantime he has to think about the tour de force that awaits him at the restart. Challenging Napoli on Thursday, Roma on Sunday and Inter on Wednesday in the Italian Super Cup is already hard on its own, but doing it with an attacker who has a suitcase in his hand even more. For this Morata could remain on the bench at Epiphany, with the hope that Juve will quickly resolve the puzzle of the attack. Icardi is the lightning-fast solution, even if the Juventus courtship has lasted for years (it was an obsession of Paratici) and with Wanda Nara as agent anything can always happen. Other than cinepanettone. –

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