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Juve, is Arthur back in the game? Market blocked

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Juve, is Arthur back in the game?  Market blocked

The Brazilian weighs heavily on Juventus’ balance sheet, more than 40 million: the idea of ​​selling him seems almost impractical, although not impossible. And Arsenal could be topical again

The suitcases have been ready for a while, but there – at the departure gate of Turin airport – Arthur’s new destination is struggling to arrive: on the monitors of scheduled flights there is still not the slightest trace. The Brazilian waits confidently: had it been up to him he would have taken the first plane as early as last January, but even in this new market – so far frozen – it seems rather difficult to find ways out of situations as complicated as his. Juve went back to the work of their agent, Federico Pastorello. Who is sifting through Europe to find the best conditions for everyone: for the clubs involved in the operation to be built and above all for their client, who would like to wear a starting shirt and be a front-line reference in his new team context. .

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