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Juve, Rabiot to United? Stop the negotiation: what is Allegri doing now

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Juve, Rabiot to United?  Stop the negotiation: what is Allegri doing now

Engagement, commission and more: all the knots of the barred negotiation with United. For the bianconeri, the sale of him would be an opportunity, but in the meantime the Frenchman will be in the group when work resumes

The negotiation between Manchester United and Adrien Rabiot’s entourage does not evolve, the latest update could thus represent a point of no return: at least for now the Red Devils are considering alternative ways, while the midfielder – contrary to what he imagined – should return regularly to the Continassa at the resumption of training scheduled for tomorrow. The question is purely economic: after the confrontation in Turin last Friday with the director John Murtough, the parties had allowed themselves a few days of reflection; the British hoped for a rapprochement in the contacts scheduled for yesterday, but this was not the case. And Allegri must now handle the case too.


Rabiot’s situation is not the same as Arthur’s. While the Brazilian has characteristics that do not marry at all with Allegri’s football, the Frenchman could still carve out his space in the Juve that is emerging. He has another year on his contract, earns a lot (7 million) and is certainly not among the most loved by Juventus fans. But in his role, as an inside midfield rather than a mid-winger, he could still rotate among the owners of the department, either in a two or three median, with Pogba on the right in his presence. In short, the sale would only be the result of a double opportunity on the market: to realize a capital gain (since it arrived on a free transfer) and exploit the joint to attack Paredes, that is the midfield director that Allegri has indicated. to management as a priority. For this Adrien is to be considered a potentially functional but not untouchable element of the squad.

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The distance between the Red Devils’ proposal and Rabiot is not exaggerated but becomes considerable on one of the stakes set by the mother-agent Veronique: the guaranteed salary part. Because the club offers 8 million including bonuses (base of 6 and a half, with variable part not impossible), while the request is guaranteed for 9, plus a bonus of one million linked to qualification for the next Champions League. Manchester also considers the request on the commission disproportionate, quantifiable in an additional annuity (i.e. 9-10 million) for a player who would still pay Juventus for 17-18 million base, plus other bonuses to reach twenty. totals. There would also be a different vision on the destination between Adrien and mom Veronique: he, even more after the talks with Ten Hag, would really like the United context, seeing himself well in the Premier League; she, on the other hand, would have some more doubts (and for this reason would raise the demands) on the choice of a club that will not play the highest European competition. Manchester, which has already made a raise by redistributing the bonuses, is not willing to go further: the dialogues, at least for now, stop there.

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