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Juve, Scanavino: ‘Allegri remains, never been in discussion’. Exclusive interview

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Juve, Scanavino: ‘Allegri remains, never been in discussion’.  Exclusive interview

The future of Massimiliano Allegri and Juventus, the marketthe Superlega question and the consequences of penalty: these are the main topics touched upon by the Juventus CEO, Maurice Scanavino, in the exclusive interview with Sky. On Giovanni Guardalà’s microphone, Scanavino first of all confirmed the coach for next season, explaining that now Juventus must look to the future with humility and keeping their feet firmly on the ground.

Will Allegri still be the Juve coach next season?

“Allegri has never been in discussion, with him there is total sharing of future scenarios, from the management of the sporting part to the transfer market to the organization within the economic-financial framework of the club, which is still rather complicated. From the point of In view of the meetings we have always been in daily contact and in recent months we have gone through this storm together and our relationship has consolidated quickly. with the will to do the best for the team and for the club.We must not forget the situation we have experienced, a sort of storm within which we have operated well, not only from the point of view of performance on the pitch, which on some occasions they could have been better, but which ultimately led to a third place in the standings on the field and to being one step away from the finals for the two trophies we fought for, considering a not excellent start to the season as well as the final in which there has been a breakdown linked to psychological situations”

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What do you feel like saying to the fans for the results, the second year in a row without trophies?

“We understand their discontent, they too have been in the same boat as us with a particular emotional swing. We come from a period of extraordinary successes and we have not had the satisfactions we wanted. We must keep our feet on the ground thinking about the future. We have succeeded to put some firm points: we have closed the judicial situations in Italy, the coach is the most suitable person to give us continuity from a sporting point of view but there are still situations to be resolved and the financial aspects of the club are not trivial to manage. The commitment is total and we want to restart with the utmost humility and total self-criticism to find results on the pitch and also play a better game than in recent times”

Who will make the market?

“Two days after my appointment and that of Ferrero, we found ourselves with 15 penalty points and the inhibition of sporting director Cherubini. We created a working group in an emergency situation with the appointment of Francesco Calvo as Chief Football Officer and the promotion by Giovanni Manna from Next Gen, who has worked very well Perhaps the most positive outcome at this stage was the performance of Giovanni who, like some players who have risen from Next Gen to the first team, has shown that he has great skills. From today he will be the one to take 100% responsibility and the market phases that await us in the coming months, leaving the most managerial part to Calvo”

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However, Giuntoli’s name has been floating around for months: is it a possibility?

“Giuntoli still has a one-year contract with Napoli and it would not be fair to them to comment further. We need to have firm points to move forward towards the future, leaving uncertainty behind us. Unconsolidated scenarios are not in our assessment at the moment “

There are many important players out and others on loan: what’s the point of the situation?

“We have to create a clear organization with well-defined roles and responsibilities. So Giovanni Manna will have to answer this question”

The stages of the sentences: what evaluation does it give?

“At the time of my arrival and Ferrero’s we entered a judicial storm, we had to close the game on capital gains with the appeal and then there is still the open dossier on the salary maneuver. The important thing was to close this situation which was not taken for granted and could have been extended over time and having reached this point, albeit with an important penalty, allows the club and all of us to be able to plan the future with more serenity and fewer uncertainties”

With the Italian sports justice the discussion is closed, the discussion with UEFA remains open. Is the desire to leave the Super League a change of course and can it herald a more serene relationship with UEFA and a less severe punishment than the one that has been talked about for so long?

“The two things are totally unrelated. On the one hand there is the Superlega project for which a formal communication has been sent to Real and Barcelona which could lead to the exit from the project, on the other hand there is UEFA with an investigation is underway and for which we still don’t have any elements to be able to have a judgment or be able to talk”

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What was its impact on the world of football?

“I found a very exciting world that requires a lot of energy, with great professionalism and this very strong competitive aspect. Elements that are also found in other companies but I believe that in football it is something that must always be managed with great intensity to get the most results”

The future of Juventus: how do you see it?

“I see a future of great commitment and great teamwork, to be done with humility and questioning, with the aim of improving and keeping our feet firmly on the ground”

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