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Juve, sports justice: 30 days for the appeal. No to points clashes

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Juve, sports justice: 30 days for the appeal.  No to points clashes

The Coni Board of Guarantee led by the Neapolitan Palmieri Sandulli can only send everything back to the Court of Appeal for a new discussion, but only in the event of formal defects and/or violations of the right of defense

And now what happens? Starting from the day following the publication of the sentence, Juventus has one month to present an appeal (once the reasons have been acquired, which will arrive within 10 days) to the highest level of sports justice, i.e. the Sports Guarantee College set up at Coni . From the moment of arrival, the date of the hearing is usually communicated within a couple of weeks: let’s say that probably within a month from the presentation of the appeal, the story could be over. It should be remembered that the Board of Guarantee cannot modify the sentence of the Court of Appeal and therefore eliminate or reduce the 15 penalty points inflicted on Juventus, it can only send it back for a new discussion in case of procedural defects and/or violations of defense law.

Who presides

For a year now, the Neapolitan jurist Gabriella Palmieri Sandulli, 64 years old, general advocate of the State and graduated from Federico II has been the President of the Guarantee College. Sandulli boasts a long and proven experience in the sports field, having been a member of the National Court of Arbitration for Sport (TNAS) and already a member of the Sports Guarantee College, with the function of added member of the Second Section, as well as a member of the Commission Guarantee of the bodies of justice, control and protection of sports ethics. She was also President of the Commission establishing the “Giulio Onesti” annuity allowance in favor of Italian sportsmen in serious economic hardship and who have honored their homeland.

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How does it work

Therefore, once Juventus’ appeal has been received, the date of the hearing will be known within a couple of weeks, which will be held at CONI. Then, possibly, in the event of a negative outcome (i.e. confirmation of the 15 penalty points) the club will only be able to appeal to the Lazio TAR.

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