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Juve Women, 20 young players on loan and four 2003 in the first team

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The Cherubini strategy borrowed from Braghin: goal to gain experience between Serie A and Serie B. The 2003 Alice Berti, Valentina Soggiu, Sara Caiazzo and Alice Giai joined the Montemurro team

There is a future that is taking shape more and more also on the female front, at Juventus. Through “a loan strategy that I have taken from Federico Cherubini because it has already paid off in the men’s area”, said the director in charge of Juventus Women Stefano Braghin during the recent presentation of the new coach Joe Montemurro. The Juventus club has already defined over twenty loans between Serie A and B that will allow several girls raised in the youth sector to gain experience in a first team, finding more space to play. A system that has already been tested in recent seasons and which this year also has its first point of return with Martina Lenzini, who has returned to base after gaining experience with the Sassuolo shirt.


The activity of Juventus, the only club in Italy that has an entire sports center dedicated to women’s activities (from the first team to the youth sector), inevitably also raises the level in the national championships, since the players show up. to their first experiences among the greats with a professional training. These are the loans already defined: Valentina Puglisi (2000), Dalila Ippolito (2002) and Vanessa Panzeri (2000) to Pomigliano; Beatrice Airola (2001) and Lorenza Scarpelli (2001) at Torres; Asia Bragonzi (2001), Ludovica Silvioni (2002), Melissa Bellucci (2001), Margherita Brscic (2001) and Martina Toniolo (2001) at Empoli; Cristin Carrer (2002), Letizia Musolino (2003), Paola Boglioni (2001) and Michela Giordano (2002) at Sampdoria; Sofia Cantore (1999) at Sassuolo; Gaia Distefano (2002), Giorgia Giachetto (2003) and Adelaide Serafino (2002) at Ravenna; Flavia Devoto (2000), Nicole Gianesin (2002), Beatrice Beretta (2003) and Nicole Sciberras (2001) at the Tavagnacco; Giulia Mancuso (1999) at Cesena; Federica Anghileri (2002) at Hellas Verona, Marta Eletto (2002) at Parma and Carlotta Masu (2001) at Cittadella. Other releases will soon be formalized.


Juve instead submitted the first contract to the young class 2003 Alice Berti, Valentina Soggiu, Sara Caiazzo and Alice Giai, “who will be permanently part of the staff of the first team, as every year, in order to grow together with the big ones” address of Braghin. Skilled in the last few days to complete the lightning renewal of Lisa Boattin (until 2023), who had undergone the ideas of Chelsea, who was already trying to move in Everton style for Galli. The left-handed winger born in 1997, with almost two hundred Serie A matches already under his belt, has once again chosen to stay in the black and white jersey.


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