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Juventus at Tuchel’s home It’s a challenge between different twins

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Allegri is reflected in a technician of different ideas yet very similar to him


Different twins. The cold Thomas Tuchel and the sunny Massimiliano Allegri have more common traits than appears at first glance. Rereading the careers, the Juventus coach seems expected from a remake of the match against Sarri: Chelsea-Juventus beyond the Champions League, beyond the primacy in the group that the Blues want to snatch, instead a mirror of opposite philosophies and styles, because Krumbach’s man he is a chess player, a maniacal scholar of his opponents, a lover of possession and a revisitor of the rondos, specific Spanish training methods. Max is neither superficial nor lazy, he analyzes and develops in his turn, however, you know, he pays attention to concreteness: he does not consider revolutionary patent schemes, but designs aimed at optimizing the characteristics of the players, and puts the result before the spectacle. He never tires of repeating, on the other hand, that nothing is invented in football, and go and explain it to his colleague who happened to cancel the corners of the pitch to favor verticalization or train the defenders with small balls in the fists to tame the game. instinct of the withholdings. Obviously, the perspective can be reversed: go and explain to Max, for whom football “is not an exact science”, that Tuchel collaborated with a neuroscientist and studied differential learning. For the Juventus player, “champions cannot be mechanized: you don’t have to teach anything, just put them in a position to perform at their best”, for the blue coach certain movements are learned exclusively with continuous training, exhausting repetitions.

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Yet the distances are not that deep. Tuchel is a volcano but he does not feel like a guru, so much so that he subscribes that “football is simple and a team can win even without a coach: the players make the difference”. Like Allegri, he favors the group and takes great care of the psychological aspect which, in the era of large squads and company champions, has profoundly changed the profession. “We are conductors” the conclusion that at first glance denies the belief and reminds us that without strong players, or not involved, tactics alone would not be enough. He happened to demand them, the strong players, and to clash with managers unwilling to please him: another point of distance from the company manager Max, a label of which, clarifying the positive meaning, he is proud.

Different, but not so much as to become alternative: Leonardo, before entrusting the PSG to Tuchel, evaluated Allegri’s candidacy, even resurrected, according to French gossip, when, a few months after the signing, the market fueled strong contrasts. In Turin, on the first leg, Allegri won. In his own way. Harnessing Chelsea, draining the game, focusing on counterattacks, capitalizing on a goal from Chiesa.

Tuchel the chess player, while confessing the frustration of an empty possession, gave credit to his colleague: “Respectable tactical choice, the result proves him right.” Tonight he will look for new solutions: «We will try to win, that’s our approach». «For us it is essential to be very compact – replies Max – to play calmly and make a difference with the technique. You have to play a tough game ». Different twins also in the statements. –

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