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Juventus has two major risks in cleaning up the winter window for wage cuts

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Original title: Juventus has two major risks in the winter window cleaning for wage cuts

On December 27, Beijing time, the Italian media “Full Market” reported that in order to reduce the pressure on the team’s salary, Juventus will sell a number of players in the winter window, Ramsey and others are the targets of cleaning. In addition, Juventus will also introduce Icardi in order to strengthen the offense, and Italy’s “All Juventus” analyzes the risk of joining the second brother. At the same time, according to the “Marca” news, Real Madrid has no interest in signing Pogba, and Juventus and Paris will compete for the signing of Pogba.

Under the new crown epidemic, the income of many giants clubs has declined significantly, and Serie A giants Juventus is one of them. In the summer window of this year, Juventus let go of Ronaldo. In addition to Ronaldo’s desire to leave, Juventus’s poor economic situation is also one of the reasons.

According to the news from Italy’s “Full Market”, in order to further improve the financial situation of the team, Juventus is eager to clean some players after the opening of the winter window, and in order to reduce the pressure on the team’s salary. The media said that Ramsey, Sandro, Rabiot and Rugani may all leave the team.

Ramsey has not played well after joining Juventus. After Allegri returned to Juventus, the Welshman was still not trusted and his departure was inevitable. But a more realistic problem is that no team is willing to bear his annual salary of 7 million euros. And Juventus had no intention of paying severance pay, so everything stagnated.

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Sandro, the left-back, has an annual salary of up to 6 million euros, but in recent times, his main position has been replaced by Pellegrini, and he may also leave the team when his position is unstable. Rabiot, the midfielder with an annual salary of 7 million euros, did not meet high-level expectations in the new season. He may also leave the team. Like Ramsey, his high salary has become a constraint on leaving the team. Rugani has not been able to show his strength since joining Juventus. He and Juventus have no future, and cleaning him can reduce wages by 3.5 million euros. Juventus is also eager to clean him in the winter window.

Of course, Juventus will also sign in the winter window in view of competitive considerations, and Icardi from Paris is also Juventus’ target. After the start of the new season, Juventus’ offense was weak, and Dybala, Morata and others on the forward line did not show superior offensive ability. For Juventus, if they want to rise to the top four in Serie A in the second half of the season, signings on the offensive end are an inevitable choice.

Italian media “All Juventus” analyzed the two major risks of Icardi joining Juventus. The first is the technical aspect. Although Icardi has shown his strength during his playing at Inter Milan, he is currently playing in Paris and his scoring efficiency is relatively low. Secondly, in terms of player personality, Icardi’s character is a bit bad, and his agent wife Wanda Nara’s reputation in Italy is not good, and this is also a big risk. But the media also pointed out that Allegri is not too worried about this, he thinks he is fully capable of returning Icardi to the top, and the Argentine player will obey him.

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Icardi is Juventus’ short-term goal, while Manchester United’s Pogba is Yu Wenxia’s goal. According to the Marca newspaper from Spain, the contract between Manchester United and Pogba expires in the summer of 2022, but the Red Devils have no intention of signing a contract extension with them. Although Real Madrid was very interested in Pogba before, the current warship no longer has. Interest signed him on a free transfer. In this way, Juventus will have one less opponent to sign Pogba, but the Zebras will face a challenge from Paris on the issue of signing Pogba.

Pogba became a superstar during Juventus. He is very familiar with Juventus. This is a good thing for Juventus signing Pogba. But Paris can offer Pogba a higher salary, and it is also a temptation to return to the motherland to play football.Return to Sohu to see more


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