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Juventus-Napoli (1-0) – Scattered considerations

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Juventus-Napoli (1-0) – Scattered considerations

An exceptionally solid Juventus takes home the victory against a valid but not very concrete Napoli.

Naples which, as per the script, starts off well but doesn’t get to the end: the Azzurri show their qualities, but do so for a short time, not supported by a sufficient athletic condition to support the expensive game of the Azzurri;

However, there are some technical-tactical questions which call Mazzarri’s choices into question: it is true that the injury emergency has literally decimated the left-backs roster, however the choice to continue with the 4-man defense remains curious, forcing a central defender like Natan into a role that isn’t his, instead of perhaps opting for a 3-man defense (or perhaps fielding a full-back like Zanoli from the start). A counterintuitive choice, that of Mazzarri, which ends up penalize his team and in particular Kvaratskhelia, poorly supported by the left-wing chain comrades and left to fight against windmills;

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Allegri sincerely thanks: thanks to the curious choice of his fellow countryman, the bianconeri have an easy time shielding the most dangerous man of their opponents, being able to afford to double constantly with Cambiaso and Danilo, thus obtaining the effect of turn off a band completely to his adversaries;

Beyond the necessary purely tactical questions, it certainly made the difference between the two teams cynicism with which we presented ourselves in front of goal: if in the first half, after the danger brought about by Chiesa’s special slalom, there was a Napoli who with Di Lorenzo but above all with Kvaratskhelia he allows himself to be hypothesized by Szczesny, resolving everything with nothing in fact; in the second there was a Juventus who instead, at the first real opportunity, she managed to find the decisive goal. It therefore matters little that the Azzurri have significantly less possession of the ball: a team like this, in which each player helps the other to reach his goal, it is a well-trained team;

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A Napoli which, if you read the numbers, recorded one of the best performances of the season, which indicate a growing team: paraphrasing Giacomo at the end of the most famous Italy-Morocco match in history, how come this team has lost three consecutive games? The question has difficult answers, which enter into the intrinsic nature of the game: Napoli are well placed on the pitch, and dominate for many meters of the pitch, but not in the first and last 16, the ones who ultimately decide the matches. A team that needs to find its key men again, Kvaratskhelia e Osimhen in primis ma anche Rrahmani, someone who in recent years has always stood out among the best defenders in the championship but who, in recent stormy matches, has always been the first to fail.

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