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Juventus, news and press release after the reasons for the sentence

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Juventus, news and press release after the reasons for the sentence

The official answer from Juventus comes three hours after a careful analysis of the reasons for the Federal Court of Appeal ruling. And it’s tranchant: the lawyers describe the document as “predictable in its contents, but tainted by obvious illogicality, lack of motivation and groundlessness in point of law”, reaffirming how the company and individuals will present an appeal to the Sports Guarantee College at Coni within the established terms, i.e. within 30 days, asserting the validity of Juventus’ reasons with firmness, albeit with due respect to the institutions that issued it. The last level of judgment decides on the legitimacy and not on the merits of the sentences.

What will the appeal focus on?

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The appeal will be based on what the Juventus lawyers consider procedural defects. According to Juventus, in fact, the company is attributed – with reference to the capital gains – the violation of a rule that the sports justice itself had recognized did not exist in past proceedings. Furthermore, according to the defense lawyers there is also the failure to respect the timing for the start of the request for revocation of the previous sentence by the federal prosecutor, indicated in 30 days from the news of new facts. But the heart of the Juventus legal defense will focus on the central argument of the violation of article 4 on the principles of sporting loyalty by the club. According to the Federal Court of Appeal it is one of the decisive points for the quantification of the 15-point penalty. But Juventus objects to the fact that article 4 “was not expressly referred to in the dispute against the club in the referral last April”. Now it will be up to the Sports Guarantee Board at Coni to resolve the question of law.

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