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Juventus preview: Dybala is absent, who carries the offensive banner of Surrey to revenge the old owner_Lazio

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Original title: Juventus preview: Dybala is absent, who carries the offensive banner of Surrey to revenge the old owner

At 1:00 am on November 21st, Beijing time, a focus battle began in the 13th round of Serie A in the 2021-2022 season. Serie A giants Juventus played away against Lazio.

Historical record:

The two teams have played 185 times in history. Juventus won 96 games and Lazio won 46 times. In the remaining 43 games, the two teams played a tie. In these 185 games, Juventus scored 323 goals and lost 208 goals. The last time the two teams met was in Serie A in March this year, when Juventus defeated Lazio 3-1 at home and won.

Highlights of the game:

Aspect 1: Juventus chasing points

Juventus did not perform well after the start of Serie A this season. The team only scored 18 points after the first 12 rounds, ranking eighth in the league and 14 points away from Naples, the top of the list. It is very difficult to win the Serie A championship. Juventus is also 4 points away from the fourth-placed Atalanta, so this also means that if Juventus is to qualify for the Champions League next season, it will definitely fight for victory in every future league.

Aspect 2: Lazio stops consecutive concealed goals embarrassing

Lazio’s performance against Juventus is at a disadvantage. In the past 33 Serie A matches against Juventus, Lazio has won only 2 times. In the past 16 Serie A home games against Juventus, Lazio has lost all goals. This is also the most consecutive home games that Lazio has lost against a single team in the history of Serie A. Once this game loses the ball at home again, Lazio will continue this embarrassing record.

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Aspect 3: Dybala is missing the battle who carries the banner of offensive?

Judging from the pre-match roster, Juventus striker Dybala is absent and he will certainly not play in the game against Lazio. And Dybala is the best player on Juventus’s striker line. The rest of the strikers Morata and Chiesa have not had a good scoring momentum in the club recently. Who can carry Juventus’s offensive banner is worth paying attention to. .

Aspect 4: Sa inside to the old master

Lazio’s coach is Sarri, and in the 2019-2020 season, Sarri has coached Juventus for one season. Although Sarri led the team to win the Serie A championship that season, but in the end Juventus executives fired Sarri after that season. Faced with his old club this time, Surrey also ushered in a chance for revenge.

Pre-match remarks:

Allegri: Tomorrow we will meet our old rivals in Serie A and the Coppa Italia. In the past 10 years, we have competed for the championship of Serie A and Coppa Italia. This will be a wonderful challenge. Our two teams are actually ranked near fourth. At the same time the game will be very difficult. In terms of player selection, European internationals can play, but South American players come back a bit late. I will determine which of them can play tomorrow. I still don’t know who of the South American players can be selected for this game. When I see them, I will evaluate their status. Sarri is an excellent coach, he won the Serie A championship here. You have to ask him what he says, not me. For me, all teams can be improved through training, it depends on what type of players you like. Compared with two years ago, our team has undergone some changes. I am very satisfied with Artur’s condition because he can always guarantee his condition. Today I will assess whether he can play in Lazio and he has fully recovered. Rabiot has been performing well before the new crown, and he needs a little time to recover. Ramsey had some physical problems when he was here.

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Surrey: Juventus are not only strong on the front line, they have excellent players in every position. They are the team with the deepest lineup and the strongest lineup in Serie A. We must prevent them from gaining too much possession of the ball. At the same time, we must also try to control the ball under our own feet. Allegri? Journalists have always caused conflicts between coaches. Now let’s focus on tomorrow’s Lazio game against Juventus. Difficult to coach Ronaldo? I have never said that before. This is the reporter who figured out my wording and then put quotation marks on my speech. At Juventus, I still led the team to win a championship. For someone like me who worked all the way from the low-level league, this is the most important thing. At the same time, it also ended a 20-year cycle full of sacrifices. .

Injury information:

Lazio: Immobile

Juventus: De Silio, Bernardeschi, Chiellini, Dybala

Predicted starting:

Lazio (433): Reina/Lazzari, Felipe, Asselby, Sisagi/Milinkovic, Carteldi, Alberto/Anderson, Pedro, Zacani

Juventus (442): Szczensny/ Danilo, Bonucci, De Ligt, Sandro/ Quadrado, McKennie, Rocatelli, Rabiot/Morata, ChiesaReturn to Sohu to see more


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